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World Press Freedom Day

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World Press Freedom Day is one of my favorite UN days. It is a tribute to the fundamental principles of press freedom and the journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It also reminds us of the importance of freedom of information and how this impacts societies everywhere. A free and unbiased media can expose corruption, promote human rights, provide a voice to all people and raise awareness and education by keeping people informed.

It also connects people. It provides a window to the rest of the world, and brings people closer together. It lets us discover things about other countries, cultures and people around the world and can remove stereotypes and ignorance. It lets us share ideas and discuss issues with people around the world. We can listen to music, watch movies, and read stories and articles from every culture thanks to the media. It has helped us leap across borders and has made our world smaller. This is why I love World Press Freedom Day!

How has the media affected your life? Celebrate World Press Freedom Day by doing a spot of journalism yourself: send your stories to Youthink!