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Youth in fragile states—how to include them in the development process

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Fragile states are those facing particularly severe development challenges: weak institutional capacity, poor governance, political instability, and often ongoing violence or the legacy of past conflict. About 600 million people currently live in countries affected by fragility and conflict. In these countries, building an effective state is both urgent and difficult. Everything is pressing and resources and skills are often scarce.

The World Bank Institute recently held an event on youth in fragile states, as part of their Youth as Assets program -- a series of events aimed at greater youth inclusion in development. The event brought together experts from a diverse range of backgrounds, who discussed how youth in fragile states can be key players in rebuilding their countries. Here's what was said: 

Why Including Youth is Crucial for Sustainable Peace from Youthink! on Vimeo.

The Role of the World Bank in Youth Inclusion from Youthink! on Vimeo.


Submitted by YRC.Bharadwaj on
Dear Fellow Human Beings: At the outset my sincere thanks to WBI for their intiative action on the need based areas. Whether the action taking place are been kept at board room or reaching to down troden /fragile youth community spread across various nations. , some intiative thinking has been started, which is a stepping stone. Well, based upon this I would like share my understanding about the Fundamental Living at length : We all know humans are from the beging fighting each other on the name of power, fear, possessiveness or acquisition of some other's land, resources etc.. why this is happening is this not because of the human beings in accurate life style. Why can't we recognise a fact that all human beings are run by one intelligence through which sensible living is prevailing. But how many of us ready to nourish the sensitiveness of caring the fellow human beings. Why many of us diturbs other human beings ( be in the name of authority, terrorisom, or some other force) , if we could see the bottom of this attitude is nothingbut utter selfishness. We all talk about global village, but do we ever mean the same.. we have divided the entire earth in to different countries and every one is busy in chalking plant to gun at each other. Until unless people think inwardly and understand about actual fundalmental living means nourshing the sensitiveness of the human, love with out any conditions and authority. If we create world , where there every human being is respected by other human being as equal human being /person as such with out any lables of nations/ group.. then the actual fundamental living happens to human kind. So , dear friends what I strongly understood about life is its very hyphothetical but living peacefully is very much possible by creating apprpriate environment. So creating such environment is to be done people like us with the help of like minded institues to take this vision to the down trodden people to create a great environment where every human get sufficient food by sharing, appropriate and right kind of education to live peacefully and to unleash one potential capacities. Last but not least I thank the readers for your kind patience YRC.Bharadwaj