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Youth Video Contest Winners Offer Solutions to Poverty

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Youth Video Contest Winners Offer Solutions to Poverty

When you are young and still in school, it’s hard to think of ways you can change people’s thinking at the global level. But sometimes, all you need is a video camera and Internet access.

Today, the winners of the European Development Days video contest “Young voices against poverty,” are being recognized for their contributions to the dialogue on global poverty.

The four winning videos, chosen through voting on Facebook, were among those submitted by more than 60 young people between the ages of 13 and 24 from Europe and other parts of the globe. The short videos (120 seconds max.) showcase their vision for the world in 2030 and their solutions for fighting poverty.

The winners have been invited to screen their videos at European Development Days on Nov. 26-27 – one the largest development forums in Europe. The conference takes place every year in Brussels, and focuses on finding ways to enhance development cooperation across Europe and beyond.

The winners are:
Andre, Brazil (Non-EU laureate aged 18 to 24) Watch the video »
Evelina, Russia (Non-EU laureate aged 13 to 17) Watch the video »
Nina, Croatia (EU laureate aged 18 to 24) Watch the video »
Anastasia, Latvia (EU laureate aged 13 to 17) Watch the video below:

Watch this video by Anastasia from Latvia

More videos are available on the contest Facebook page.

20+ live-streamed events at European Development Days

This year, some 6,000 people and 1,500 organizations from the development community are coming together to discuss a vision for the new Millennium Development Goals (Post-2015) and build solutions to ensure “A decent life for all by 2030”.

Even if you are not in Brussels, you can attend and contribute to the dialogue by watching over 20 events live-streamed simultaneously in English and French, while sharing your comments and ideas on Facebook and Twitter (check the social media guide in pdf).

The full program is available here, including two events dedicated to youth (both on Nov. 27):

At the World Bank, we not only believe every human being deserves a decent life, but we also know that it is possible to reach that goal and end extreme poverty within our generation. If you agree, then help us spread the word about EDD13 and make your voice heard by joining the conversation on the post-2015 debate before, during and after the forum.

Learn more at


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