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Submitted by Nyarai Gwazvo on

All comments before mine captured issues that are important. Knowledge, ledership and all others mentioned are pertinent. Corruption indeed has eroded our societies in Africa, and obviously affecting service delivery, and marginalising the poor even more. However, there has been endless discussion about the need for good governance, policies and all that is required for meaningful development. Personally I feel tired and drained to go over the same issues over and over, and over, and no progress. Could someone help me come up with an answer as to what should be done for us to move ahead? We have had all the policy discussions and policy prouncements in the right direction, knowledge and discussions, where do we go from here? Elections have not helped dislodge the poor leadership, eradicate poverty and improve livelihoods. Does anyone have an innovative idea? We seem to be stuck where we are with isolated cases of success.

What do you think about running countries along a business model? Would that work? At least there, the CEO knows that their tenure is dependent on performance, the board of directos demands results, and the customer is king. This is not applied in politics. In politics the CEO is also the king, at least in many African Countries, and the presumed board of directors is sub-servient to the King. I could be dreaming to think of such an approach, but I strongly believe it is time for alternative approaches.

What do others think?