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About Us

I have spent a good part of the last 20 years thinking and writing about the role of finance in development. The World Bank is an incredible place for doing this, given the rich experience and practice of my colleagues and daily interaction with policymakers in our client countries. There are always so many pressing issues and many more questions than we can answer. While the questions come from the institution, my views are shaped by the data and analysis that can be found in the research publications produced over the years by my colleagues in and outside the Bank. In many ways, this blog is to distill the policy lessons buried in these publications and disseminate them to a broader audience.

Over time, I hope the blog will provide a platform for vigorous public debate on many of the issues we face in the financial sector. Such a debate is an important part of answering policy questions and contributing to change. I hope you all join me and my fellow bloggers in this effort with the All About Finance blog.

— Asli