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Rajkamal Iyer is an Associate Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Iyer’s research focuses o... Read more »

Rekha Reddy is a Senior Operations Officer in the Operations Policy and Country Services Group.  She joined th... Read more »

René M. Stulz is the Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics and the Director of the Dice Center for Research in... Read more »

Professor Townsend began his work as a theorist working on general equilibrium models, contract theory, and mechanism design. He is... Read more »

Roberto N. Fattal Jaef is an economist in the Macroeconomics and Growth team of the World Bank’s Research Departmen... Read more »

Roberto Rocha was a young professional at the IMF and transferred to the World Bank in 1985, where he has been since then. In his c... Read more »

Rodolfo Stucchi is Head of Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation at IDB Invest. His areas of expertise include development economics,... Read more »

Rong Qian is the new Senior Economist for Philippines. Rong previously worked in Latin America region, where she was the country... Read more »
Ruth Llovet Montanes is a Research Analyst at the Macroeconomics and Growth Unit of the Development Research Group. She... Read more »
Knowledge Management Officer Read more »