Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world, and hazards such as heavy rains devastate crops and livelihoods with a more challenging, longer road to recovery.

Jimena Llopis, Emilie Bernadette Perge |

Central America has great development opportunities that aim at strengthening resilience by managing its current risks

Haris Sanahuja |

Delmas 32 es una maraña de estrechos callejones, caracterizada por viviendas descuidadas y estructuras precarias. Lenta pero inexorablemente, esta comunidad ha estado tratando de abrirse camino…

Lora Vicariot |

Delmas 32 is a tangled web of narrow alleys, defined by haphazard housing and makeshift structures. This community has been digging its way out of the 2010 earthquake, slowly but surely, and large…

Lora Vicariot |