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Education in Tunisia

Reading the shortcomings of the Tunisian educational system

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Education in Tunisia was one of the pillars of post-independence state, with efforts by Habib Bourguiba and successive governments focused on modernizing the system, and ensuring universal access to education by making it free and compulsory.

Higher education in Tunisia: greater autonomy for better quality

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Like many other countries around the world, Tunisia knows that the creation of knowledge requires a network of institutions of higher education and scientific research that are capable of engaging minds, exploring the unknown and then disseminating the knowledge that is thus created. 

Education in Tunisia: Technology as a Tool to Support School Improvement

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Tunisia’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched its digital school program “Solution Numerique Pour Tous” in May 2015, as part of its wider program of reform.

The start of a new school year – risks or opportunities for Tunisia?

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 Lyubov Timofeyeva | - Grandfather and granddaughter walking back from school in Sousse, Tunisia

It’s that time of year again. Some weeks ago, more than two million Tunisian primary, junior high, and high school students headed back to school, just as hundreds of millions of children in northern countries.