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Submitted by Mabel Ahorlu on

The present day youth in Sub Saharan Africa are neglected and nobody trust in our ability. Our views are not adhere to and we are not allowed to make use of our potential. We often hear the government and the leaders of the world talking about youth unemployment and under employment. Plenty talks are made about them. If you should ask me most of the talks are not yielding results in addressing the situation. The youth should be given the chance to help in providing solutions.

I live in Ghana, there are so much unemployment and under employment among the youth, I sat down and decided to do something to help in my own small way by trying to set up a company and employ some of my young colleagues. After l drawing the business plan and the registration l decide to seek for financial help to start up and it will amaze you to know the kind of responds I got from the very people who are talking about youth unemployment and wanting to solve the problem.

Some will say "Oh we are sorry we don't do start ups" others will say "Oh we are sorry we have exhausted our limit come next time" you will go there next time and the same story will be given to you, they will not even look at the plan. I am not discourage anyway am still looking for financial help. All am trying to say is the older generation should believe in the youth and give us the chance to exhibit our potentials.