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As development partners seek broader means of reducing the alarming rate of unemployment globally, more emphasis should be placed on the impact of manufacturing and trade policies as these has a toll on young people from poor nations and rich countries with poor leadership.

Benchmarks for youth employment must be created by development partners for individuals or corporate organizations seeking funding to grow their businesses. Consumer based societies suffer the most from this challenge as GDP naturally dwindles when there is inactivity at supposed productive years. The constraint is often noticed with poor political will with governments and commitment from the profit-driven companies.

Collectively, we must begin to think of ways to balance status of social inclusion and address problems of inequalities and create sound regulatory structures to deal with matters such as local manufacturing, environment, safety nets, funding for small business start-ups and acquisition of businesses by huge corporations which should be considered as part of NEET’s objectives.

Unless development partners through this young people play a leading role in fashioning a sensible way forward, there may likely be a continuation of these challenges.