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The three recommendations that were gathered from the youth forum are extremely valid: providing a clear, quantifiable development target for the post-2015 agenda; streamlining common approaches to youth development; and creating youth-led advisory councils.
Particularly in the Arab region, youth have cried out for better opportunities, for a stronger voice and for equal participation in the development of their communities, countries and region. Volunteerism and civic engagement are a way where these potential can be channeled. Volunteering provides youth with the opportunity not only to be the spearheads of development, but also to strengthen their own skills, capacities and leadership.

As stated in the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2011, youth volunteering provides a viable mechanism that can turn youth frustrations into positive energy, developing values of self-worth, solidarity and social cohesion.

This aspect must be an inherent component in all three recommendations made for the youth agenda, cross-cutting through all development issues, may it be for fighting poverty, building democratic societies, preventing crisis or empowering women, among many others.

As rightly stated in this blog, development can no longer provide the traditional services and “business is not as usual”. Stakeholders, partner’s, public institutions and experts should ensure that that youth are empowered to reach their potential and that they are provided with the space to actively take part of shaping their future.