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Submitted by Gloria LaCava on
Dear Mattias, thank you for your thoughtful comments as to what it would take to implement a more ambitious youth agenda. You correctly mention in your title the need for evidence based global action for youth and the efforts still needed in rigorous impact evaluations, despite the current IE content of the Global Youth Inventory. While I fully recognize that no one has the magic bullet to solve youth inactivity and exclusion in the scale needed, a lot of progress has been made over the years so today we have a better sense of what does not work. For example, as you point out, we know that employment programs led exclusively by government agencies rarely succeed. I would add that that initiatives that leverage youth engagement and voice are known to be more successful than interventions developed for them. Indeed we need to continue to invest in evaluations and the best way to do so is through youth investments which take into account lessons learned and push the innovations frontier forward, incorporating impact evaluations as a means to an end. We also need to be smart about using technology platforms for good monitoring of results. On line M&E platforms and beneficiary feedback via mobile are one among several cost effective tools which can complement or at times replace impact evaluations, when large research budget may not available. I also think that the Global Coalitions you are setting up with large private sector companies is invaluable and can provide some quick wins in terms of learning and helping to scale up successful interventions.