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Submitted by Muctarr Nyang on

Youth participation is a journey that will be reached if those three concrete ideas are put into action, most especially the setting up of youth councils for all UN country offices because in this part of our world we don't trust our governments anymore in solving the problem of NEET. The youth council in our country is affiliated with politics and the youth organizations that are willing to support the ruling party are the ones that benefit from the meager resources that is allocated for the youths.
It will be of paramount importance if body's like the world bank can link with the UN and provide loans for the youth in other for us to employ ourselves and go to school to have the necessary education and training to empower ourselves.
It's a pity that I was denied a visa to be able to attend the first edition of the world bank youth summit as I was eager to attend such a gathering in other to be able to discourage most of my friends and other youths from using the sea through Libya to go to Italy all because of them been frustrated of their economic condition and most of all not having any hope for the future as the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer in a population of 85% living in poverty.