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Submitted by Benim on

Nice summary of the report I guess, but where are the numbers that would make the case for all this? OK so EUR 25 billion represents "only a fraction of all the investments needed to complete the needed backbones, backhaul and international connectivity" and presumably get us to some acceptable level of connectivity.Even here we lack numbers from the team, so given the tough economic choices ahead for many countries in the region why should anyone prioritize this versus basic needs? The region needs jobs, better schools, inclusionary politics and yes, better connecitivity can help all this but where are the compelling arguments on all this? We look at these blogs to provide us with short concise arguments, in this case for the "why" we would invest billions in this area. The "what to do" is undoubtedly well covered in the report as must be some of the "how to" questions. First though, tell us why we should prioritize this over other investments at a time of unprecedented turmoil and transition in the region?