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Submitted by Gelvanovska, Natalija on

Thanks for your reply. Indeed the EUR25 billion represents just the component to strengthen access and the infrastructure needed to achieve this. Increases in capacity and/or coverage which are needed in other segments of the infrastructure, such as international connectivity or networks are not part of that estimate.

We did not estimate that remaining portion. Emphasis on the access component of the broadband network is important for us, because it is where the public funds appear and the governments play a key role in investing those public funds. Thus it should be well justified and provide a return, not only financial, but also social.

I also consider it important to point out that nearly all investments needed to strengthen backbones and international connectivity are expected to come from the private sector. We see a huge opportunity there to attract foreign investments, in particular inter-regional investments, for example investments to North Africa from the Gulf. The book specifically looks into the matter of creating a more favorable environment for those kinds of investments.

Regarding the estimate of region/country numbers/projections, we do not have all the specific numbers in advance, but we assist individual countries to come up with specific estimates (e.g. in terms of job creation, etc.) as, for instance, part of the development of their national broadband plans.