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Submitted by Waddah on

"The book specifically looks into the matter of creating a more favorable environment for those kinds of investments."
Why? as opposed to international investments, from Europe for example?

"part of the development of their national broadband plans."
I don't know if this was something you were concerned with, along with the team, or this is more of a general task picked-up by the World Bank. However, I wish there were efforts in that direction here in my home country, Libya; where the telecommunication sector is getting itself ready to "boom"; and where the question of broadband connectivity is becoming a very pressing issue affecting small business and the ability of international companies to localize. Now I don't know if this something you've already started, the public didn't hear about this as you can tell, but It would be really useful to actually list what it takes to initiate such a discussion with the authorities here. Taking into account what has been outlined in the annex section of the report about Libya.