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  • Reply to: Profiles of the Diaspora: Hanane Benkhallouk   1 day 8 hours ago

    Dear Dr. Zahir, many thanks for your comment. There is unfortunately no better database available for data across countries, so we use the best available, the UN Population Division that uses country censuses to provide estimates on diaspora. We believe these are conservative numbers but comparable. In addition, countries do not have a common definition of diaspora. For example, Some include dual citizens while others don't. It is also hard to get an exact measurement of undeclared emigrants. The data is scattered between ministries and embassies. The World Bank is working with countries and partners to improve data collection on diaspora data worldwide, including in advanced economies.

  • Reply to: Profiles of the Diaspora: Hanane Benkhallouk   1 day 22 hours ago

    The Statistics about Algerian abroad are wrong, we have since 2009 registered more than 5.3 Million Algerian in Europe. USA. GCC. and Africa
    3.7 have been officially registered. The annually report our organization TARAKI CLUB IN EUROPE was a real instrument for the World Bank in regards such Statistics The rest of the 5.3 Million still illegal immigrants.
    I was wondering the world Bank data and it's credibility about Moroccan and Tunisian living legally abroad!!

  • Reply to: How results-based financing can help achieve the SDGs: dealing with a refugee crisis   1 week 3 days ago

    Love these ideas. Metrics are key to evaluating what's working. I'm president of a US public charity that supports non formal schools in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. I visit the schools frequently. The Ministry of Education is doing good work under challenging conditions. Please let me know if you'd like to visit the schools we support and our 3,000 plus Syrian refugee students.

  • Reply to: Rehabilitating child soldiers in the Middle East   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Excellent thought but same time heartening also. Children with violent/extremist mind-set will be required to re-evolved in to humanity stream with may be under several psychological / medical help. But the rehabilitation will be a challenge in terms engaging them and preventing them from the resurfacing in to earlier life style and practices. It will be like performing surgery on DNA system. It is pathetic that the entire generation is already spoiled but the endeavour to bring them back to main stream shall be challenging too. Wish the blessings of almighty.

  • Reply to: Rehabilitating child soldiers in the Middle East   1 month 4 weeks ago

    Dear Abderrahim,

    Many thanks for your comprehensive comments. Clearly and as well evidenced by your post, we have the institutional memory and operational experience to undertake these much needed engagements. Indeed whether in Tunisia or Iraq and hopefully soon in Syria and Yemen as well as in Libya these types of engagements are going to be a critical part of the toolbox in ensuring that we don't re-create the ground work for the next set of conflicts in the region. In the meantime we are talking about starting a more systematic discussion on this topic with our communication colleagues and the office of the Chief Economist and - of course the broader - community focused on these issues in the Bank. In short, we will be in touch and, once again, many thanks for your thoughtful comments.