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January 2006

The MCC and the future of foreign aid?

AEI will be hosting ‘The Future of Foreign Aid? The Millennium Challenge Corporation Two Years On’ with Ambassador John J. Danilovich, CEO of the MCC, on 23 January 2006. I'm guessing this will force him to tweak his presentation.

DFID white paper consultation launched

DFID has launched the consultation process for their new white paper on international development. They have partnered with The Guardian as their media partner for the process, who report that later tonight UK international development secretary, Hilary Benn, will criticize the Make Poverty History campaign for its anti-business stance:

Microfinance games

Four economists have been playing games in Peru. The goal: to figure out why some group-based microfinance schemes have been successful when one could assume that they would encourage free-riding and risky behavior. So they gathered a group of small-scale entrepreneurs in a local market and conducted a series of simulations with them around fictitious loans and the choice between safe and risky projects. They found that:

So that's where they come from!

The man seated next to me my first time at Tomsed was composing a message by the hunt and peck method. He pressed one letter on the keyboard, searched for the next, pressed that one, and so on. It was his one-fingered technique that attracted my attention, but when my eye alighted- not entirely accidentally- on his text, I caught my breath. The man was composing a 419 letter. A real-live scam artist sitting next to me.

Outcomes: the small business newsletter

The winter edition of Outcomes is out. This quarterly IFC newsletter focuses on business news, trends and results from emerging economies. This issue profiles reducing municipal red tape in Bolivia, and a partner profile of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Business skills for social ills

Enter the 'Moneymaker' irrigation pump - a small, foot-operated pump tailor-made to the requirements of Kenyan farmers. Soil that once took a whole day to irrigate, now takes one hour. The popular pump has now been used by over 32,000 east African farmers.

The BBC are plugging a new TV series on another channel! It's called 'The New Heroes'.

Anti-malaria wristwatch

A South African inventor has developed an anti-malaria wristwatch to help combat one of Africa's biggest killers by monitoring the blood of those who wear it and sounding an alarm when the parasite is detected…If the parasite count tops 50 an alarm sounds and a brightly-colored picture of a mosquito flashes on the watch face. The wearer must take three tablets that kill all traces of the disease within 48 hours.