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March 2006

Intel launches 'Community PC' in India

Intel Corporation today officially launched an innovative PC platform that has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of rural villages and communities in India. Designed as a result of defining locally relevant computing solutions based on Intel technology, the Intel-powered “Community PC” platform is equipped to operate in a community setting while accommodating the varying environmental conditions prevalent in the country.

Information markets for public policy

Bob Hahn and Paul Tetlock have finally released their information markets book. As apposed to most of the research out there, they specifically touch upon public policy implications and potentials. The full book is available online for free. Also see some previous posts about prediction markets and Hahn and Tetlock.

Does good health attract FDI?

Yes –or at least for developing countries-, according to ‘The Effect of Population Health on Foreign Direct Investments.’ The main conclusion of the three Harvard School of Public Health authors is that:

The world in sum

Thousands of sites pull together country-specific demographic and economic information – though the CIA doesn’t stop there. They give you a snapshot of the entire world, all at once. Some amazing numbers. (Via Kottke)

Could a game win the Nobel Prize?

Probably not, but that won’t stop people from trying – at least not Eric Zimmerman, the man behind the Game Design Challenge. This year he has challenged game designers to concoct up something that could win the Nobel Peace Prize. The ideas include a game that aims to inspire players to spontaneously meet and carry out humanitarian acts such as food drives, another is meant to make players assume the role of their enemies – and see the human costs of their decisions.

European alliance for corporate responsibility

On March 22, 2006, a new business-led European Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was kicked off by the European Commission.  It's goal: to reconcile Europe's economic and environmental ambitions.

New bloggers: Michael Jarvis and Can Atacik

I am happy to announce that Michael Jarvis and Can Atacik of the World Bank Institute’s Business, Competitiveness and Development Program have joined PSD Blog. Who knows, Michael might even upload one of his DJ tracks?