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December 2006

Integrating the social into the business model

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The Harvard Business Review might not be top of most people's lists of stocking stuffers, but for those with loved ones interested in corporate responsibility or social entrepreneurism, two articles make the December issue a must.

Panos Media Toolkits on Trade and Poverty Reduction

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The London-based Panos Institute, which supports the media in stimulating debate on development issues, has produced a number of resources to support journalists, particularly in the developing countries, in covering trade and poverty reduction.


‘Who’s Richer, Who’s Poorer? A Journalist’s Guide to the Politics of Poverty Reduction’


Adventure driving: why infrastructure matters

I keep bumping into this series of photos of the world's most dangerous roads. And each time I'm amazed. For the sake of the 200,000 residents of Yakutsk, Siberia, I hope the federal-highway-o-mud was a one-time occurence.

Related...our toolkits on private sector participation and performance-based contracting in highways.


EwomanshelldressWe've been evacuated from Chad again. I didn't get rushed out of the country, I was already abroad, but that doesn't make it any easier. Rebels approaching N'Djamena, streets swarming with military, continued reports of battles in the east, the future like a knife about to break skin.