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July 2007

Big bad banks?

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U.S. financial history has been dominated by the debate on how to regulate banks. A recent paper shows that branch deregulation in the U.S. lowered income inequality. Perhaps even more interesting and relevant for the policy debate, deregulation lowered income inequality by affecting labor market conditions, not by boosting the business income of the poor, nor by enhancing their educational attainment.

Microfinance debate

The recent investment by IFC, the Netherlands Development Finance Company and Deutsche Bank in Aasishkaar Goodwell, a private equity company supporting microfinance organizations in India, will create of almost 60 greenfield microfinance institutions to serve a potential client base in India of nearly 75 million households.

Not exactly beach reading

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Major conferences inevitably generate a plethora of documents. Corporate responsibility events seems particularly prone to this trend, so it should be no surprise that the gathering of around a thousand of the great and the good at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit in Geneva earlier this month witnessed the launch of a daunting set of proclamations, new initiatives and reports.

Bank regulation around the world - for better or worse?

The third round of a comprehensive database on bank regulatory and supervisory practices around the globe has just been released. It allows policymakers to compare their own regulatory and supervisory framework with other countries and gives researchers ample opportunity for work.

ABCs of SMEs

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development published a 12-page primer on the contributions of SMEs to the larger work of governments, businesses and local communities.

The brief describes the benefits that large corporations can derive, such as extensive local knowledge of resources, supply patterns, and purchasing trends, through the inclusion of SMEs in their value chains.

2007 most innovative development project

The Global Development Network opened the Eighth Annual Global Development Awards and Medals Competition. Considered one of the largest competitions on development research, the contest is open to candidates from developing and transition countries only.

The main criteria include projects' innovativeness and scalability.