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October 2007

Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference NEUDC 2007

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Harvard University's Center for International Development is hosting tomorrow and Saturday the annual Northeast Universities Development Consortium Conference (NEUDC 2007). An annual conference on Development Economics.


Very interesting, if you are in the area. If not, you can access all the papers that will be presented, at their website.


Second Life for Doing Business

The Doing Business team will present its 2008 report - which ranks 178 economies on the ease of doing business - to the Second Life residents at the Activ8 Island Theater tomorrow at 3pm GMT (11am eastern).

Development Marketplace for African Dispora in Europe (D-MADE)

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This World Bank initiative will, through a competitive process, award grants and technical assistance to innovative entrepreneurial projects that are designed by Africans, to support the development of Africa.


Elegible participants to the competition can be individuals or organizations emanating from the Sub-Saharan African diaspora, currently living in Europe and active in Africa. Applicants can be entrepreneurs, private investors, NGOs, civil society organizations, foundations, etc.

More blogs

The Undercover Economist and the co-father of this blog, Tim Harford, has done it again. He has created yet another blog – this one is his second (as far as we know) and is hosted by the Financial Times. One of his recent posts is on the Doing Business report.

World Bank at annual meetings

At the boards of governors of the World Bank and the IMF meet between October 20th and 22nd in Washington to discuss the work of both institutions, it is a good time to reflect on the evolution of the World Bank Group.