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October 2007

Business for governance and MDGs

On October 9 and 10, the 12th International Business Forum in Washington, DC will reflect on the role that businesses can and should play in shaping the regulation in the global business arena.

This year's focus is on two main issues: business action on climate change, and private sector's role in curbing corruption.

Best targets for bribe-seekers

Two out of five firms in Africa and Latin America report having to make unofficial payments to "get things done." One in six is expected to present "a gift" when meeting with tax inspectors. The "Graft Index of Firm Transactions" (below) shows that African firms are three times more likely to be asked for money than their Latin American counterparts.

Measuring bank regulation and supervision

After the release of the third round of the Bank Regulation and Supervision Database in July, on October 26 a workshop will take place where academics, bank supervisors, and market participants can discuss the strengths and shortcomings of this data, and the resulting policy implications.