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November 2007

We are looking for experimental research in entrepreneurship

The 2007 World Bank Entrepreneuship Database finds significant relationships between entrepreneurial activity and the quality of the enabling environment. The bank and the Kauffman Foundation are now jointly offering funding of up to $35,000 for research projects that will study what contributes to greater entrepreneurship and formal sector participation.

New breed of NGOs

Africa has been experiencing a period of strong growth, but problems such as AIDS, corruption or insufficient infrastructure still undermine development.

A panel at Wharton discusses the way new high-profile NGOs are filling the gap between inadequate government programs and the shortcomings of traditional aid.

Waste: don't just take it away

Born out of a failed methane experiment comes a water-treatment system that uses 90 percent less energy than conventional sewage system and cost 50 percent less to operate. Dean Cameron – the creator of the Biolytix Water – harnessed worms, beetles and billions of microscopic organisms to turn human waste into water suitable for irrigation.