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December 2007

Meditation for development?

If meditation is scientifically proven to increase the IQ, should governments interested in promoting socio-economic well-being invest in meditation rather than biotechnology?

This is apparently the type of questions that arise when you start applying futures thinking to development.

Going green for the holidays

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Feeling guilty at the excesses of yet another office party or Secret Santa exchange? Envirowise in the UK has come up with a company guide to a green Christmas. Most suggestions are pretty undemanding, but hopefully the impact adds up given the sharp spike in waste generated by the typical holiday season.

Fridays Academy: Gender and Macroeconomic Policy

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As usual on Fridays, based on Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's lecture notes.


Gender and Macroeconomics

 Disaggregating indicators of well-being by gender informs on the level of gender equality or inequality at a given time for a given place. When we examine gender issues we are interested in the meaning of these gender equalities or inequalities and their implications for development, both at the personal level and at the level of the economy.   

Is Peru on its way up?

The center of Lima, notoriously crime-ridden and dirty, has become safe and attractive. […] Consumer goods and services—cell phones, household appliances, and private education, for example—previously unavailable or in short supply have proliferated and serve all markets, rich and poor.

I say development, you say développement

Maybe it's because I am under the influence of Spoken Here, but one of the key messages coming out of the GK3 conference last week was the increasing importance of promoting local content and language to address the digital divide.