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January 2008

Partial credit guarantee scheme

Though credit guarantee schemes can improve access to finance and distribute credit risk, questions remain about their impact on credit constraints, small bank lending, entrepreneurship, SME finance, and on non-guaranteed lending.

On March 13, 2008 at the World Bank, speakers will present the latest empirical evidence from developed and developing countries on the subject.

Doing Business across Colombia

Based on surveys from Bogotá, Colombia took a 66th position out of 178 in the Doing Business 2008 report and became this year's top reformer. But as the subnational report (en español) released today shows, there are vast discrepancies on the ease of doing business among the county's 12 main cities.

Financial liberalization can make your economy more resilient if...

A new paper compares changes in financing by international banks to domestic banks after the 1998 Russian debt crisis. The author finds that financing increased to banks with international equity holders when compared with their purely domestic counterparts.

Financial liberalization can make you more resilient to global credit shocks, but only if you invite foreigners rather than just borrow their money.

Public Opinion and Authoritarian Regimes

Sina Odugbemi's picture

Is public opinion a force for good government or not? If recent events in Burma, Pakistan and Georgia show anything at all it is that public opinion is ultimately  the basis of power and legitimacy. Which is something several political philosophers have told us for over 200 years, but it is fascinating to watch these struggles unfold.

And it explains why authoritarian regimes are always keen to control public opinion by: