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February 2008

Socialist legacy: aversion to equality?

A new paper titled, Attitudes to equality: the "socialist legacy" revisited, analyzes whether residents of post-socialist countries have "a preference for greater income equality, other things being equal, owing to the legacy of socialism." Surprisingly or not, the authors find little evidence that supports this claim.

Burgeoning carbon offset industry in East Asia

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New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was at the World Bank’s Washington, DC headquarters last Thursday to speak on elements of the Big Apple’s success in attracting “the free, global movement of labor, capital and ideas.”  Bloomberg noted that New York has joined more than 700 other American cities in pledging to meet Kyoto protocol standards for carbon reduction – in sharp contrast to the current U.S.

Should there be common standards for Sovereign Wealth Funds in Asia?

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Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), government owned investment vehicles typically funded by foreign exchange surpluses or natural resource revenues seem to be in the news about everyday.  Their massive size, rapid growth, and high-profile investments in the U.S.