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August 2008

Fighting climate change through trade liberalization

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The Institute of Public Affairs, a free market-oriented think tank in Australia, has issued a mini-manifesto on combating climate change. In Undermining Mitigation Technology, Tim Wilson puts forth two arguments about how best to develop and spread new technologies to combat climate change. His big argument is that patent rights ought not to be violated.

Democracy and growth

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Although it's not a new paper, I thought it would be good right about now to dig up a little bit of wisdom from Dani Rodrik and Romain Wacziarg called Do Democratic Transitions Produce Bad Economic Outcomes? The short answer is no. But I'll let them speak for themselves:

Take note: October 15 is Blog Action Day against poverty

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Blog Action Day is a global nonprofit event that wants to unite bloggers, podcasters and videocasters around a common issue, on a specific day, to raise awareness about the topic and trigger a worldwide discussion. This year the issue is poverty and the date is October 15.

Doing Business in India

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Doing business in India may be getting easier in the not too distant future. An article in the Business Standard talks about a proposed law that aims to speed up the enforcement of contracts (Hat tip: Dahlia Khalifa). And what prompted this interest in a new law? You guessed it: