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Lixin Colin Xu is a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. After studying at Peking University and the... Read more »
Laban Maiyo is a GIS Consultant based at the World Bank office in Nairobi and in charge of spatial analytical work in the region. He... Read more »
Lachlan Hoyle is a year 10 work experience student with the Word Bank Group. He lives in Australia, is aged 15 and possesses a keen... Read more »
BA in Political Science and Psychology from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Masters in International Relations from University... Read more »

Laila El-Zeini   [email protected] ; Read more »

Laila Tawfik Anaam is the managing director of the Yemen Loan Guarantee Program at the Social Fund for Development focusing on the social... Read more »
Lakshmi Iyer is an economist in the Business, Government and the International Economy (BGIE) Unit at Harvard Business School. Her... Read more »
Lalima Maskey is currently Water Resources Management Analyst in the Water Global Practice, at the World Bank Group. She has more than 12... Read more »
Lalita Moorty is a Program Leader for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. She is based in Kyiv and covers macroeconomic and fiscal management,... Read more »

Lara Chinarro works in Knowledge Management as a Water Specialist in the Water Global practice of the World Bank. She is curre... Read more »

Larissa Gray is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank. In the Financial Market Integrity Unit, she helps Bank client... Read more »

Larry Blain is Partnerships BC’s former President and CEO, and subsequently served as Chair of the Board of Directors. Under Mr... Read more »

Lars Christian Moller is a Manager at the Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management in the Africa Region of the... Read more »

Lars is an education expert currently working in the Bangkok office of the World Bank. Read more »
Lasse joined the IFC in 2009 as a Senior Carbon Finance Specialist. He has more than 20 years of global work experience across a range of... Read more »
Laura Alfaro is the Warren Alpert Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She is also a Faculty Research... Read more »
Laura Altinger has just joined the Malaysia Country Office, a newly established global knowledge and research hub in Kuala Lumpur. Prior... Read more »
Laura B. Rawlings is a Lead Social Protection Specialist at the World Bank currently working primarily in Africa on... Read more »

Laura E. Bailey is the World Bank’s Lead Social Development Spec... Read more »

Laura Bernal Bermúdez is a lecturer at Universidad del Rosario in Colombia. She is a lawyer from Colombia with experience in human rights... Read more »

Laura Bonzanigo is a Policy Analyst at the World Bank, where she specializes in decision support. In particular,... Read more »

Laura Campbell is a Social Protection Specialist based in Ethiopia where she works on the Productive Safety Net Program.  Read more »
Laura is a senior economist at the Governance Global Practice for Latin America and the Caribbean. In the past 2 years Laura has been... Read more »
Laura Gómez-Mera is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami and a short-term consultant with the Trade and... Read more »
Laura Keenan works in Communications for Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands and is based in the Sydney office. Prior... Read more »
is currently a Health and Education Public-Private Partnership Specialist at the IFC. Laura joined the IFC from the World... Read more »
Laura Manley is an Open Data Consultant with the World Bank’s Transport and ICT Global Practice. Laura specializes in Open Data for... Read more »
Laura Ralston works in the Social Development practice of the World Bank, where she works on social inclusion, poverty reduction, human... Read more »

Laura is Sustainability Advisor in the World Bank Treasury. She has worked on environment and climate change issues for the past 20... Read more »

Laura Tuck assumed the position of World Bank’s Vice President for Sustainable Development on July 1, 2015. In this role... Read more »
Laura Wallace is an independant writer and consultant, and is currently the editor of the Jobs and Development Blog at the World Bank.... Read more »

Lauren MacDonald is currently working in South Asia External Affairs.

Read more »
Lauren Nicole has experience in Europe and Central Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and... Read more »
Lauren Wilson is an Operations Analyst with the World Bank’s Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). Lauren oversees the... Read more »
Laurence Carter is the Senior Director of the Public-Private Partnerships Group of the World Bank Group. The PPP Group advises on the... Read more »
Laurence Chandy is a fellow in the Global Economy and Development... Read more »

Laurence Hart has been the International Organization for Migration’s Chief of Mission and Special Envoy in Afghanistan since Januar... Read more »

Laurent Bossavie is a Young Professional in the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice. At the Bank, he has led and contributed to... Read more »
Laurent is a focal point for the Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation (FCI) portfolio in the World Bank Group's office in Dakar,... Read more »
Laurent is a Senior Environmental Specialist in the World Bank’s Climate Policy and Finance Department with over 20 years of experience... Read more »
Lauri is Senior Disability and Development Specialist in the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice at the World Bank and... Read more »
Lawrence Haddad became the Executive Director of GAIN in October 2016. Prior to this, Read more »
Layali Abdeen is the Investment Officer of the West Bank and Gaza Investment Guarantee Trust Fund administered by MIGA. The fund offers... Read more »
Lazar Šestović is a World Bank Senior Economist based in Belgrade, Serbia, specializing in fiscal policy, intergovernmental fiscal... Read more »
​Le Thu is an environmental specialist at the World Bank office in Hanoi, where she has worked on climate change policy and practices... Read more »
Le Xuan Trung, General Managing Editor, Tuoi Tre (Youth) Newspaper.
  Read more »

Léa Rouanet is an economist working at the Gender Innovation Lab, within the World Bank’s Africa Chief Economist Office. Her current... Read more »

Leah April is a highly qualified Public Financial Management, Public Administration Reform, and Program Manager  with over 20 years... Read more »
Ledda Macera holds a Masters in Latin American Studies from the University of California Los Angeles and her research has concentrated on... Read more »
Leebong Lee is a consultant in the ICT sector unit of the World Bank. His interests lie where technological evolution shapes human lives... Read more »
Lei Sandy Ye is an Economist in the World Bank's Development Prospects Group. His research interests are in international economics... Read more »
Leigh A. Payne is Professor of Sociology and Latin America at the University of Oxford, St Antony's College. She is currently working on... Read more »
Leigh Stefanik is the Senior GBV Program Officer at CARE USA. She supports the... Read more »
Leila Baghdadi is Associate Professor of Economics at the Tunis Business SchoolRead more »
Leila Rafei works with the Client Services and Communications (CSC) team of Development Data Group. She joined the World Bank in... Read more »
Lelia Croitoru is an environmental economist (consultant) at the World Bank. She has worked extensively on environmental valuation... Read more »
Lena Krylova is a freelance consultant specializing in good governance and social accountability issues.  Read more »

Leni Wild is an experienced Research Fellow in the Politics and Governance Programme at the  Overseas Development Institute. Sh... Read more »

Leo Bottrill is the Director and Co-Producer of Heart of Iron: Mining in the Congo Basin Rainforest and currently works as a consultant... Read more »

In June 2008, Leonard McCarthy was appointed vice president of the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), whose mandate it is t... Read more »

Leonard Wantchekon is a professor of politics and an associated member of the economics faculty at Princeton University. Prior to working... Read more »
Leo brings fifteen years of strong professional experience in the field of environmental management for various sectors in the Gulf... Read more »
Leonardo Canon Rubiano is an Urban Transport Specialist in the World Bank’s Transport and ICT Global Practice. He is currently focused on... Read more »
Leonardo Garrido is a consultant with the World Bank Read more »
Leonardo Lucchetti, an Argentine national, he is an economist working for the Poverty Global Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean... Read more »

Leora Klapper is a Lead Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Research Team of the Development Research Group... Read more »

Mr. Leroy Phillips is a Youth Leader, disability advocate and radio broadcaster from Georgetown, Guyana. He has a weekly radio show on... Read more »
ATTY. LESLEY Y. CORDERO is a Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank<... Read more »
Leslie Elder is a Senior Nutrition Specialist with the Global Financing Facility and leads the SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform at the... Read more »
The Washington Post called Lester Brown "one of the world's most influential thinkers." The Telegraph... Read more »
Leszek J. Sibilski is a Professor of Sociology and longtime advocate for issues related to climate change, the environment, family,... Read more »
Levent Altan began his career in the UK Ministry of Justice before spending three years in the European Commission working on European... Read more »
Lewis has headed the PEFA Secretariat since November 2014, leading implementation of the PEFA 2016 framework. Lewis has worked in the... Read more »
Lewnida Sara is an Operations Analyst with the World Bank Group based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her primary area of focus is on rural sanitation... Read more »
Li Zheng is a... Read more »
Lia Carol Sieghart is a Program Leader and Lead Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank. She is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She  ... Read more »

Liana manages the World Bank's global corporate social media efforts, including content strategy, social marketing and campaigns. Sh... Read more »

Liana Razafindrazay is a Geographer and specialist in risk assessment with deep expertise in Geospatial Information System. She is... Read more »
Libbet Loughnan is a water, sanitation, hygiene statistics and communications specialist. She is currently an advisor on water,... Read more »
Lida Bteddini joined the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Public Sector Governance Unit in September 2007. As a member of... Read more »
Lidia Ceriani is short term consultant at ECA-PREM, World Bank. A Ph.D graduate in Public Economics from the University of Pavia, she... Read more »
Lídia is a researcher at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC). Her research focuses on migration and discrimination by gender... Read more »
Dr. Liesbet Steer is a Fellow at the Center for... Read more »
Ligia Lopes is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Inclusion and Access team of the Finance, Competitiveness, and... Read more »
Likimyelesh Nigussie is a gender and development consultant working for IWMI East Africa, based in Addis Ababa. She has... Read more »
Lila O’Brien-Milne is a program assistant with the Violence, Rights, and Inclusion team at ICRW. Her research experience includes... Read more »

Dr. Lili Liu has led advisory services to the World Bank’s operations in many developing countries on multilevel government fin... Read more »

Lili Mottaghi is a Senior Economist in the Chief Economist Office for the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region. She works on... Read more »

Lilian Pena P. Weiss is a Senior Water Supply and Sanitation specialist at the World Bank, based in Washington DC, USA. She has been... Read more »

Liliana Benitez is a Senior Energy Economist with the World Bank’s Energy Global Practice. Her current work is on power sector reform,... Read more »
Liliana Sousa is an economist in the Poverty Global Practice at the World Bank. She is part of the Data for the Goals initiative, co... Read more »
Lillian Foo is Communications Lead for the Jobs Group, where she oversees strategic communications and external outreach for group,... Read more »
Lillian Frost is a Social Safety Nets Consultant in the Middle East and North Africa Region Human Development Department. Prior to... Read more »
Lin Taylor is a London-based journalist at the Thomson Reuters Foundation covering humanitarian issues, conflicts, gender equality,... Read more »
Lina is a member of the World Bank MENA External communications team. She works on producing communication materials which highlight the... Read more »
Lina Tutunji is a Senior Procurement Specialist at the Public Integrity and Openness Department of the Governance Global... Read more »
Lina Zdruli is passionate about using entrepreneurship, business and technology as a tool for development. She has experience in the MENA... Read more »

Lincoln Flor is a Senior Transport Economist in the World Bank´s Transport and Digital Development (TDD) global practice where he&nb... Read more »

Linda Schultz is a Health Consultant with the Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice. She contributes her technical knowledge... Read more »
Linda Karimi Gitobu, 18, is a first year student of Strathmore University who is passionate about issues of sustainable... Read more »

Linda Van Gelder is the World Bank’s Regional Director for Western Balkans, based in Vienna, Austria.

Ms. Van Gelder has... Read more »

Lindsay Clinton is a sustainable development strategist and researcher at SustainAbility in New York. Her consulting portfolio includes... Read more »
Lindsey Buss is Senior Officer for Community Outreach at the World Bank Group, where he oversees philanthropic, volunteer, and a variety... Read more »
Lindsey Marchessault is a Canadian lawyer and a consultant with the World Bank Governance Global Practice. Lindsey played a significant... Read more »
Line Zouhour is a Program Assistant at the Middle East and North Africa department for the National Endowment for Democracy. Born... Read more »
Linet Kwamboka is the Founder and CEO of DataScience LTD, a company that uses data to discover intelligent insights... Read more »
Linh is Economist in the Hanoi office of the World Bank, where he has worked on poverty issues since April 2012. Previously he was... Read more »
Linh Le is an Urban Analyst in the East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. His specialization includes... Read more »
Linn Hammergren is a former World Bank Senior Public Management Specialist and now works as an independent consultant on justice reform... Read more »
Liping Jiang is a senior irrigation engineer working in the East Asia and the Pacific, Sustainable Development Unit at the World Bank. He... Read more »
Senior Education Specialist based in the World Bank Beijing Office. Read more »
Lire Ersado is a Senior Economist with the Human Development Unit of the Middle East and North Africa Region (MNA), the World Bank.... Read more »

Lisa Bhansali is the Governance and Anti-corruption Adviser for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of the World Bank. She has been... Read more »

Lisa Horner is Policy and Research Adviser – Post-2015 at Save the Children. She has previously served as Policy Manager for Voluntary... Read more »
Lisa Sachs is the Director of the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, where she oversees the three areas of focus for CCSI:... Read more »
Lisa Schmidt is a Social Development Specialist in the Africa Region of the World Bank. Based in Nairobi, she works on projects,... Read more »
Lisa Yao joined the Global Social Urban Rural and Resilience Global Practice in 2015 to focus on solid waste management and low carbon... Read more »

Lisandro Martin is a Results Specialist Operations Officer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Read more »

Livia has spent the past several years helping companies and organizations increase audience reach and awareness about their products... Read more »

As Country Operations Adviser is responsible for strategic development planning and monitoring the quality of the portfolio. She also is... Read more »
Liviane is a web editor at the World Bank Group. She manages the corporate websites and social media channels in French.  Read more »
Liya completed her Master studies on journalism and media marketing at the Kazakh Institute of Economic Management (KIMEP). Previously... Read more »

Liz joined the Open Data Institute (ODI) in February 2014 and manages the ODI’s collaboration with the Open Data for Development (OD... Read more »

Liz Kellison, deputy director, Financial Services for the Poor, is responsible for leading the strategic and financial activities fo... Read more »

Loic Braune is a Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist at the World Bank. 
... Read more »
Lois Goh works in Online Communications for the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. She started out as a... Read more »
Lola Nayar is a Senior Associate Editor, Outlook magazine.​ She has been writing on issues related to development, economy, agriculture,... Read more »
Lopita Huq studied cultural anthropology at the New School for Social Research, NY, USA and political studies at... Read more »
After 2 years working in Haïti as an engineer on different housing projects, Lora joined J/P Haitian Relief Organization as a... Read more »
Lorena is an operations consultant with the World Bank Group’s Infrastructure, PPPs and Guarantees Group (IPG). She began her career at... Read more »
Lorenzo Piccio is a knowledge management and communications consultant with the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and... Read more »
Dr. Lori Ann Post is Director of Northwestern’s Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics and Buehler Professor of Geriatric... Read more »
Senior executive, Tunisian customs (1979-2011), last customs post held: Director of Risk Management (2007-2011). Consultant (since 2011).... Read more »
Lotte Nordhus is Junior Technical Advisor in the Sector Project Migration and Development of the Centre for International Migration and... Read more »
Joseph Louie Limkin is a Research Analyst at the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Glboal Practice of the World Bank. His work... Read more »

Louis Kuijs works since September 2004 as Senior Economist in the World Bank’s China office on macroeconomic issues, conducting... Read more »

Louisa Barker is an Urban Development Consultant at the World Bank. She joined in 2016 and has contributed to the Disaster Risk Mana... Read more »

Louise Cord is the Country Director for Senegal, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and Mauritania, based in Dakar, Senegal. A US... Read more »
Louise Croneborg works in southern Africa as a Water Resources Management Specialist for the World Bank. She believes that leaving the... Read more »
Louise Fox is a university lecturer and a consultant in development economics, specializing in employment, labor markets, social service... Read more »
Louise Maule is currently leading UNICEF’s WASH Programme in the Philippines. Previously, Louise worked as Sanitation & Hygiene... Read more »
Louise Mvono is Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
... Read more »
Louise Twining-Ward is a tourism sector expert with extensive global experience in the design, implementation, and monitoring of tourism... Read more »
Victoria Monchuk is a Senior Economist in the World Bank whose fields of interest include social protection and cross-sectoral human... Read more »
Read more »
Loy Nabeta is the Communications Officer at the World Bank Group in Dar-es-Salaam, where she supports the Bank’s engagement to help... Read more »
Luc Christiaensen is a lead agriculture economist in the World Bank’s Jobs Group and an honorary research fellow at the Maastricht... Read more »
I am senior trade facilitation advisor with the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank. I specialise in assisting... Read more »
Lucas Gortazar is a Consultant at the Education Global Practice. Since 2012, he has worked on both analytical and operational activities... Read more »

Lucas Regner is a digital communications professional. At the World Bank, he’s worked on water and sanitation, innovation and entrep... Read more »

Lucas Ronconi is senior researcher at Centro de Investigación y Acción Social (CIAS) and CONICET in Argentina. He has published... Read more »
Lucia Casap is an Operations Officer in the World Bank’s Education Global Practice based in Moldova. Before joining the Bank in 2016, she... Read more »
Lucia Grenna is the driving force and leader of Connect4Climate, the unit specializing in Communication for Climate Change at the World... Read more »
Lucia Hanmer is a Lead Economist in Gender and Development at the World Bank Group. She served previously as senior... Read more »
Lucia Nass is an independent consultant specialising in empowering local governance processes. She has gained over 25 years of experience... Read more »

Lucian Bebchuk is the William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance and Director of the... Read more »

Luciana, a Brazilian national, joined PPIAF in February 2015 as an Infrastructure Specialist, based in Washington, DC. Previously,... Read more »
Lucilla Maria Bruni is an Economist in the World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Global Practice. Lucilla currently focuses on... Read more »
Secretary Lucille L. Sering is an environmental education advocate. Prior to her stint in Government, she served as the College Secretary... Read more »
Lucinda Ramos is a Country Lead at the GPE Secretariat, based in Washington DC, since November 2014. Her role is to support countries... Read more »

Lucio Monari has been Sector Manager for Africa Energy group since September 2011. Before joining the Africa Region, Mr. Monari was... Read more »

Communications Coordinator of Chile's Ministry of Finance  Read more »
Luda Bujoreanu is a Digital Development professional with 15+ year of diverse experience who worked in 20+ countries on initiatives... Read more »
Communications Managing Advisor of Chile's Central Bank Read more »
Luis Andres is Lead Economist in the Sustainable Development Department for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. His work at the... Read more »
Luis Arroyo ha trabajado en el Palacio de la Moncloa y en otros altos puestos del Gobierno español. Asesora a gobiernos, primeros... Read more »

Luis Benveniste will be the Practice Director for the Education Global Practice of World Bank, effective April 3, 2017. He was ... Read more »

Luis Blancas is a Transport Specialist with the World Bank Group Transport and ICT Global Practice, primarily dealing with the... Read more »
Senior Hydrology Consultant Read more »
Luis F. López-Calva is the co-Director of the World Development Report 2017. He was previously Lead Economist and Regional Poverty... Read more »
Luis Felipe Duchicela serves as the Senior Advisor for Indigenous Peoples for the World Bank based in Washington, D.C. His primary job is... Read more »
Luis Miguel Castilla is the Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru. Read more »
Luis Triveño is an Urban Development Specialist at the World Bank. He has led and executed social, urban and rural development reform... Read more »
Luis Vélez currently works as a Consultant for the Open Contracting Team in the Governance Global Practice of the World Bank Group. Luis... Read more »
Luis Viguria is an international professional with more than 14 years of experience working with young people and entrepreneurs around... Read more »
Luisa M. Mimmi is a Data & Policy Analyst, currently working as a consultant at the World Bank. She has extensive... Read more »
Luiza Andrade is a Data Coordinator in the Impact Evaluation unit of the Development Research Group (DIME). As part of the DIME Analytics... Read more »
Lukasz Wyrowski is an Economic Affairs Officer in the Sustainable Transport Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe... Read more »
Luke Jordan is a Private Sector Development Specialist with the Competitive Industries Practice, based in New Delhi. He works on... Read more »
Lulu Baclagon is a Senior Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where she works in the PPP Advisory... Read more »
Luquan has got both first and second degrees on transportation engineering; and he has more than 22 year experience in transport sector,... Read more »
Lydia Habhab has been a consultant at the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Public Sector and Governance Reform... Read more »


Lynne D. Sherburne-Benz is Sector Manager, Social Protectio... Read more »