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Maarten Bosker is Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research focuses on the role of geography in the... Read more »
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Read more »
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Maciej Jakubowski is a policy maker, advisor and researcher with international and national experience in these fields. He served as an... Read more »
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Maciej Lis is Senior Economist at the Institute for Structural Research (IBS), Warsaw. IBS is an independent, non-governmental resea... Read more »

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Mafalda Duarte is the Manager of the $8.3 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF), whose Secretariat is located in the World Bank Group’s... Read more »
Magda Lovei's picture
Magda Lovei has been working at the World Bank since 1993. Early in her career in the Bank, she worked on investment projects, policy... Read more »
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Magda Stepanyan holds two master’s degrees: in Sociology (from Yerevan State University, Armenia) and in Public Administration (from... Read more »
Magdalena Andersson's picture
Magdalena Andersson is a Swedish economist who has been Minister for Finance in the Swedish Government since 2014. Read her Read more »
Magdalena Andersson and Isabella Lövin's picture
Magdalena Andersson is Sweden's Minister for Finance and Read more »
Maggie Comstock's picture
Maggie Comstock is a policy analyst at the U.S. Green Building Council working on federal and international green building policy and... Read more »
Maha Abdelilah El-Swais's picture
Maha is a social media communications strategist with the World Bank MENA region. Before joining the bank, she spent most of her career... Read more »
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An aspiring economist, social innovator and policy analyst, Maha Rehman is an Economics Major from Lahore University of Management... Read more »
Mahesh Uttamchandani is the Global Product Specialist for the Debt Resolution and Business Exit product in the Investment Climate... Read more »
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Mahjabeen Haji is an Economist with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) team in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). Prior to... Read more »
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Mahmoud Mohieldin is the World Bank's Corporate Secretary and President's Special Envoy on Millennium Development Goals, the post-2015... Read more »
Mahyar Eshragh Tabary's picture
Mahyar Eshragh-Tabary is a statistical officer in the Development Economics Data Group of the World Bank. She works on the environment... Read more »
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Maira Reimao is a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California - Davis as well as a consultant... Read more »
Maitreyi Bordia Das's picture
Maitreyi Bordia Das is Lead Social Development Specialist and Team Leader for Social Inclusion in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience... Read more »
Maja Andjelkovic's picture
Maja is interested in the potential of entrepreneurship and human ingenuity to contribute to economic, environmental and social... Read more »
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Makaio Witte is a financial sector development specialist at the German development agency GIZ. In his current posi... Read more »

Makhtar Diop's picture

Makhtar Diop, a former Senegalese Economy and Finance Minister, is the World Bank’s Vice President for its Africa region. From 2009-... Read more »

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Malcolm Ehrenpreis works to turn the evidence from the World Bank's Africa Region Gender Innovation Lab into policy . He joined the lab... Read more »
Malcolm Harper's picture

Malcolm Harper is emeritus professor of enterprise development, Cranfield School of Management, UK, and since 1995 has worked indep... Read more »

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Originally from Zambia, Maleele Choongo is a passionate member of the African Diaspora. She is interested in gender, youth, and... Read more »
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Mallory Saleson joined the World Bank in January 2003 in the South Africa country office where she was responsible for outreach and... Read more »

Mamata Pokharel's picture

Mamata is always on the lookout for new and inspiring stories, and will be sharing some of her best finds with you right here on You... Read more »

Mamo Mihretu's picture
Mamo Mihretu is an Operations Officer in the World Bank Group's Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. As a Program Manager for the... Read more »
Mamta Murthi's picture
Mamta Murthi is Country Director for Central Europe and the Baltic Countries. She has held various positions in the World Bank, including... Read more »
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Manal Quota works in the Education Global Practice where she specializes in educational issues in the Middle East and North Africa, with... Read more »
Manav Bhattarai's picture
Manav Bhattarai is working as a team member for the project which supports Nepal health Sector Program (Sector Wide Approach). He is a... Read more »
Maninder Gill's picture
Maninder S.Gill is Director for the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (SURR) Global Practice at the World Bank Group since July, 2014.... Read more »
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Manish Sabharwal is Chairman, Teamlease Services, based In Bangalore Read more »
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Maniza Naqvi is a Senior Social Protection Specialist working in the Africa region. She has managed programs on Productive Safety Nets,... Read more »
Manjula Luthria's picture
Manjula Luthria is Senior Economist and program leader for the International Mobility Program of the MENA region's Human Development... Read more »
Manka Angwafo's picture

Manka Angwafo is a Research Analyst in the Office of the World Bank Chief Economist for the Africa Region. In that capacity, she... Read more »

Manny Fassihi's picture
Manny Fassihi is currently a first-year Master's student in Georgetown's Global Human Development Program and a Fellow for the Global... Read more »
Manothip Siripaphanh_1's picture
Manothip Siripaphanh is from Sisattanak district, living in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. Her educational background is in management. Read more »
Manu Bhaskaran's picture

Mr Bhaskaran is a Partner of the Centennial Group, a strategic advisory firm headquartered in Washington DC and Founding CEO of its ... Read more »

Mara Warwick's picture

I am a senior urban environment specialist in the China and Mongolia Sustainable Development Department and I have been based in the... Read more »

Marc Forni's picture
Marc Forni joined the World Bank in 2003 and spent four years in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region helping to build the disaster... Read more »
Marc Juhel's picture
Marc Juhel became Sector Manager of the Transport Division, in the Transport, Water and ICT Department in May 2007. Previously, he... Read more »
Marc Sadler's picture
Marc Sadler is Adviser on Risk and Markets of the World Bank's Agriculture Global Practice. He is an expert on commodity markets, finance... Read more »
Marc Schiffbauer's picture
Marc Schiffbauer is an economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit within the Middle East and North Africa region,... Read more »
Marc Shotten's picture
Marc is a Senior Transport Specialist, working with GRSF team on Road Safety at the Transport Anchor in the World Bank. Read more »
Marc Stocker's picture
Marc joined the Global Macroeconomics Team in DECPG on August 28. He is working on the forthcoming GEP, contributing to its new... Read more »
Marcela Rozo's picture
Marcela Rozo graduated in economics at Los Andes University in Bogota, and has a master in agricultural economics and planning at Reading... Read more »
Marcela Sanchez's picture
Marcela Sanchez, Communication Officer at the World Bank, is in charge of media relations with Latin American media.Before joining the... Read more »
Marcela Silva's picture
Marcela Silva, a Colombian national, joined the World Bank in 2002 as a Transport Specialist in the transport anchor unit, and then moved... Read more »
Marcelino Madrigal's picture

Marcelino Madrigal is a Senior Energy Specialist at the Energy Anchor Unit, specializing in technical and economic operations of power... Read more »

Marcelo Giugale's picture

Marcelo Giugale is the World Bank's Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programs for Africa. A citizen of Argentina an... Read more »

Marcelo Olarreaga's picture
Marcelo Olarreaga is Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research ... Read more »
Marcene D. Broadwater's picture
Marcene D. Broadwater is the Global Head of Strategy and Business Development for the IFC/World Bank Group Climate Business Department.... Read more »
Marcial Rubio Correa's picture
Dr. Marcial Rubio entered teaching in 1972 and became a full-time professor since 1973. He has written 23 books, including "Study of the... Read more »
Marcin Piatkowski's picture
Dr. Marcin Piatkowski is a Senior Economist at the World Bank in Warsaw, where his work focuses on financial sector development,... Read more »
Marcio Jose Vargas de Cruz's picture

Marcio Cruz has been working on a new version of the Global Income Distribution Dynamics (GIDD) model since 20... Read more »

Marco Alfano's picture
Marco Alfano is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics, University College London. The working paper... Read more »
Marco Hernandez's picture
Growing up in Peru, Marco Hernandez watched his country struggle under the weight of economic and political difficulties in the ‘80s and ... Read more »
Marco Nicoli's picture

Marco Nicolì has been working on payment systems and remittances at the World Bank for the past five years. He has worked in several... Read more »

Marcos Siqueira's picture
Marcos Siqueira is an expert in public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Brazil, with a multidisciplinary background and more than 10 years... Read more »
Marcus Bartley Johns's picture
As a Trade and Competitiveness Specialist in the World Bank Group Geneva Office, Marcus is the focal point for the Bank Group's... Read more »
Marcus Holmlund's picture
Marcus Holmlund is an IE coordinator with the Development Impact Evaluation Initiative (DIME). He oversees and participates in a... Read more »
Marcus J. Wishart's picture
Sr Water Resources Spec. Read more »
Marcus Wijnen's picture
Marcus Wijnen has more than 20 years of experience in the field of water resources management at catchment, basin, and transboundary... Read more »
Marcus Williams's picture
Marcus S. D. Williams joined the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) in 2004 as Adviser to the Executive Vice President. MIGA... Read more »
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Marek Hanusch's picture
Marek Hanusch is an Economist in the World Bank’s Global Practice for Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management, having... Read more »
Margaret Allen's picture

Margaret coordinates web program tasks and oversees audience feedback and research.

Read more »
Margaret Arnold's picture

Margaret Arnold is a Senior Social Development Specialist with the World Bank, specializing in the social dimensions of climate change... Read more »

Margaret Grosh's picture

Margaret Grosh is the Lead Economist for Human Development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region and co- leader for the Safety ... Read more »

Margaret McMillan's picture

Margaret McMillan is currently the Director of the Division of Development Strategies and Governance at the International Food Policy... Read more »

Margaret Miller's picture
Margaret Miller is a Senior Economist in the Finance and Markets Global Practice, where she has promoted the use of entertainment... Read more »
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Margarita Puerto Gomez works on the Social Development Program on Forced Disp... Read more »

Margaux Hall's picture

Margaux J. Hall is a consultant in the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency based in Sierra Leone. Her work ... Read more »

Marguerite Clarke's picture
Marguerite Clarke is a Senior Education Specialist in the Human Development Network of the World Bank. She holds a Ph.D. in educational... Read more »
Marguerite Duponchel's picture
Marguerite Duponchel works for the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Previously, she was the Country Economist for the... Read more »
Maria Ana Lugo's picture
Maria Ana works at the office of the Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Bank on issues of economic mobility,... Read more »
Maria Beatriz Orlando's picture
Maria Beatriz Orlando is Senior Economist and Gender Coordinator for the Latin American and Caribbean Region. Before joining the World... Read more »
Maria Belenky's picture

Maria Belenky is a Senior Program Associate at the Results for Development Institute (R4D). She has been working on the Center for... Read more »

María Caridad Araujo's picture

Maria Caridad Araujo is a lead economist in the Social Protection and Health Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Her wo... Read more »

María Catalina Ochoa's picture
Maria Catalina Ochoa is an Urban Transport Specialist at the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean region. A Colombian national,... Read more »
Maria Correia's picture
Maria Correia is Sector Manager, Social Development in the South Asia Region. Since joining the Bank in 1994, she has held different... Read more »
Maria Cristina Gallegos's picture

Maria Cristina considers herself to be a global citizen after having lived in Ecuador, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the USA.... Read more »

Maria Davalos's picture
Maria Davalos is an Economist at the World Bank, working with the Poverty Reduction Economic Management (PREM) unit in the Europe and... Read more »
María de los Ángeles Lasa's picture
Tengo 25 y soy de Argentina. Estoy estudiando en la universidad de Camerino en Italia. También soy directora y fundadora del proyecto:... Read more »
Maria Emília Barbosa Bitar's picture
Maria Emília Barbosa Bitar is a Specialist in Public Policy and Government Management at the PPP Central Unit of Minas Gerais State.... Read more »
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín's picture
María Eugenia Bonilla-Chacín is a Senior Economist working on the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice... Read more »
María Eugenia Rinaudo's picture
Tengo 24 años y vivo en Venezuela. Tengo un Diplomado en Estudios Ambientales y trabajo con el medio ambiente y el cambio climático.... Read more »
Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta's picture
Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta is a senior economist in the Social Protection and Labor Global Practice at the World Bank Group, where she... Read more »
Maria Madrid's picture
Maria L. Madrid is the Knowledge Management and Operations Officer for the Latin America Water Supply and Sanitation unit (LCSWS) at the... Read more »
Maria Margarita Nunez's picture
Maria Margarita is a Senior Highways Engineer who joined the World Bank in the East Asia and Pacific Region in 2002; she has led... Read more »
Maria Rodriguez's picture
Maria Sarraf's picture

Maria was born in Lebanon and studied environmental economics at University College London, where she met many of her Bank colleague... Read more »

Maria Soledad Martinez Peria's picture

Maria Soledad Martinez Peria is the Research Manager of the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Deve... Read more »

Maria Susan Dela Rama's picture
Maria Susan Dela Rama is Executive Director for Planning at TESDA in the Philippines. Read more »
Maria Teresita Lacerna's picture
Maria Teresita G. Lacerna is the Legal Advisor of the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice.  She currently... Read more »
Maria Victoria Ojea's picture
Victoria Ojea, Online Communications Producer for Southern Cone (Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay) and Central America, joined the World... Read more »
Marialisa Motta's picture
Director, Finance and Private Sector Development, World Bank Read more »
Mariam Claeson's picture

Mariam Claeson, M.D., M.P.H., is the program coordinator for AIDS in the South Asia Region<... Read more »

Mariana Dahan's picture
After starting her career in the telecommunications industry in 1998, Mariana Dahan became interested in the patterns of diffusion of... Read more »
Mariana Felicio's picture
Ms. Mariana Felicio is a Social Development Specialist for the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region and leads the Affiliated... Read more »
Mariana Kaipper Ceratti's picture
Mariana is the Online Producer for Brazil. Prior to joining the Bank she worked for almost ten years at Correio Braziliense, the leading... Read more »
Mariana Mazzucato's picture
Mariana Mazzucato is a Professor in the Economics of Innovation in the Read more »
Mariana Vijil's picture
Mariana Vijil holds a PhD in economics from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). She is a research associate... Read more »
Marianne Fay's picture
Marianne Fay is the chief economist for climate change at the World Bank. She co-directed the Read more »
Mariano Bosch's picture
Mariano Bosch is a senior specialist at the Labor Markets and Social Security Unit of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Since... Read more »
Mariano Montano's picture
Ph. D., Master of Business Administration, Chemical Engineer.· Lipidology: food and feed; omega 3 fatty acids. · ... Read more »
Marie Chantal Messier's picture
Marie Chantal Messier is a Senior Nutrition Specialist for the Latin America and Caribbean region. Prior to joining the World Bank, she... Read more »
Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly's picture

Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly is the World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. Prior to assuming this... Read more »

Marie-Helene Bricknell's picture
Marie-Hélène Bricknell is currently the World Bank’s Special Representative to Iraq since June 2011, where she is responsible for the... Read more »
Mariem Malouche is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, with a focus on the Middle East... Read more »
Mariem Mezghenni Malouche's picture
Mariem Mezghenni Malouche is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) in Washington, DC. Her... Read more »
Marieta Fall's picture

Mariéta Fall works on social accountability approaches and how ICTs and mobile technology in particular can be applied to empower... Read more »

Marijn Verhoeven's picture
Marijn Verhoeven is a Lead Economist and Cluster Lead with the World Bank Group’s Governance Global Practice, where he leads work on... Read more »
Marilou Uy's picture

Ms. Marilou Uy is the Sector Director for the Africa Financial and Private Sector Development Department at the World Bank. Previously... Read more »

Marina Galvani's picture
Marina Galvani is the curator of the World Bank art collection, where she organizes exhibitions on development topics such as human... Read more »
Mario Marcel's picture
Mario Marcel, a Chilean and Spanish national, is the Senior Director of the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. In his current role,... Read more »
Mario Negre's picture
Mario Negre is a senior economist in the World Bank Development Research Group seconded by the German Development... Read more »
Mario Pezzini's picture
Mr. Pezzini, an Italian national, joined the OECD in 1995 as Principal Administrator in charge of the work on Distressed Urban Areas.... Read more »
Marjo Koivisto's picture
Marjo Koivisto works as private sector development specialist in Africa Finance and Private Sector Development, Washington DC. She is a... Read more »
Mark Dutz's picture
Mark Dutz is leading the work program on innovation and growth in the Economic Policy and Debt Department of the World Bank’s Poverty... Read more »
Mark Ellery's picture

With prior experience in both development and emergencies, Mark is a regional specialist with the Water & Sanitation Program in... Read more »

Mark LaPrairie's picture

Mark LaPrairie, World Bank Representative to Bhutan, first went to Bhutan in 1988 under a Canadian volunteer program for a three-year... Read more »

Mark Moseley's picture

Mark is the Lead Lawyer in the World Bank’s Public-Private Partnership Group, based in Singapore. His work is primarily focused on P... Read more »

Mark Roberts's picture
Mark Roberts is a Senior Economist with the South Asia Urban and Water Unit of the World Bank, where he is co-leading work on the... Read more »
Mark Roland Thomas's picture
Mark Thomas is Sector Manager for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management in the Africa Region of the World Bank.
... Read more »
Mark Rosenzweig's picture
Mark Rosenzweig is the Frank Altschul Professor of International Economics and Director, Economic Growth Center at Yale University’s... Read more »
Mark Suzman's picture
Mark Suzman is Managing Director for International Policy and Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In that capacity he leads... Read more »
Mark Suzman_1's picture
Mark Suzman is Managing Director for International Policy and Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In that capacity he leads... Read more »
Marko Rissanen's picture
Marko Rissanen, a Finnish national, is a Statistician at the World Bank Development Data Group in Washington, DC. Since joining the Bank... Read more »
Markus Goldstein's picture

Markus Goldstein is a development economist with experience working in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and South Asia. He is currentl... Read more »

Markus Kitzmuller's picture
Markus Kitzmuller, Economist, PhD, is currently working in the Office of the Chief Economist for South Asia Region of the World Bank Group. Read more »
Marlaine E. Lockheed's picture
Marlaine E. Lockheed is a Visiting Lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and has four decades of experience... Read more »
Maros Ivanic's picture

Dr. Maros Ivanic is economist with the Agriculture and Rural Development team of the Development Economics Research Group at the World... Read more »

Marouane El Abassi's picture
Marouane El Abassi holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne, a MS degree in Economics Mathematics ... Read more »
Marta Milkowska's picture
Marta Milkowska is a Strategic Innovation Consultant to the World Bank, specializing in the city-level innovation ecosystems and... Read more »
Martha Chen's picture

Martha Chen is a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and International Coordinator of the network Women in Infor... Read more »

Martha Denisse Pierola's picture
Martha Denisse Pierola is an Economist in the Trade and International Integration Unit of the Development Research Group of the World... Read more »
Martha Nasipwondi Wakoli's picture
Martha Nasipwondi Wakoli most recently served as an intern for the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project in Nairobi. Her blog... Read more »
Martín Becerra's picture
Martín Becerra es especialista en medios de comunicación, economía de las industrias culturales y convergencia digital. Doctor en... Read more »
Martin Choo's picture
Martin Choo is the project leader of Project Waves. He has been with CERiA since 2009 and the research is part of his PhD under the... Read more »
Martin Cihak's picture
Martin Cihak is Lead Economist for Financial and Private Sector Development in the World Bank Group. He is currently the... Read more »
Martin Kanz's picture
Martin Kanzis an Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Research Group. He joined the... Read more »
Martin Melecky's picture

Martin Melecky is Lead Economist at the Chief Economist Office for South Asia, World Bank. Recently, he has lead fi... Read more »

Martin Molinuevo's picture
Martín Molinuevo is a consultant in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitivness Global Practice, where he focuses on international... Read more »
Martin Norman's picture
Martin Norman is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist in the Competitive Industries practice of the World Bank Group. Read more »
Martin Raiser's picture

Martin Raiser is the World Bank Country Director for Turkey. Much of his professional career was spent focusing on the transition fr... Read more »

Martin Rama's picture
His previous assignments include a one-year spell with the Chief Economist office in South Asia region, and from July to December 2010 he... Read more »
Martin Ravallion's picture

Martin Ravallion is the Edmond D. Villani Professor of Economics at Georgetown University. Prior to this, he was the Director of the... Read more »

Martin Ruhs's picture
Martin Ruhs is Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Oxford, and a member of the UK’s Migration Advisory... Read more »
Martin Sterlicchi's picture
Martin Sterlicchi joined the World Bank Group in 2013 as a Junior Professional Associate and is currently working under the Operations... Read more »
Martina Bosi's picture
Martina Bosi is currently a Senior Energy Specialist at World Ban Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).  Her focus is... Read more »
Martina Schlapbach's picture

Martina Schlapbach is a Programme Officer within the Global Programme Migration and Development at the Swiss Agency for Development ... Read more »

Marwan Muasher's picture

Marwan Muasher, a Jordanian national, joined the World Bank as Senior Vice President of External Affairs on March 16, 2007, from his... Read more »

Mary Barton-Dock's picture
Mary Barton-Dock is the Country Director for Haiti. Previously, she was director of the Climate Policy and Finance Department at the... Read more »
Mary Hallward-Driemeier's picture

Mary Hallward-Driemeier is a Senior Principal Specialist with the Jobs Cross-Cutting Group.

Mary, a ... Read more »

Mary L. González's picture
Mary Lisbeth González, World Bank Senior Social Development Specialist, has been working in social development and inclusion applied to... Read more »
Mary Ongwen's picture
Mary Ongwen joined the South Asia Region External Affairs (SAREX) team in 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and... Read more »
Mary Porter Peschka's picture
Mary is currently serving as both Regional Head for IFC’s Advisory Services in Latin America & the Caribbean and as Global Acting... Read more »
Maryanne Leblanc's picture
water and sanitation specialist Read more »
Maryanne Sharp's picture
Maryanne Sharp is a Senior Operations Officer with eleven years experience in WB operations in Africa, and two years leading the WB... Read more »
Maryla Maliszewska's picture

MARYLA MALISZEWSKA is Economist in the Development Economics Prospects Group (DECPG). Her area of expertise covers global modeling o... Read more »

Maryna Taran's picture

Maryna is part of the Open Data Group and works on Financial Data and Client Services and Communications (CSC) teams. As part of the... Read more »

Maryse Pierre-Louis's picture
Dr. Maryse Pierre-Louis is the World Bank Public Health Cluster Leader for the health, nutrition and population team, which oversees... Read more »
Masako Hiraga's picture
Masako Hiraga is a Senior Statistician / Economist in the Development Data Group of the World Bank, and expert on socio-demographic... Read more »
Masami Kojima's picture
Masami Kojima is a Lead Energy Specialist in the Oil, Gas, and Mining Unit, Sustainable Energy Department. Her publications include Read more »
Masood Ahmad's picture
Masood Ahmad joined the World Bank in 1983 and has worked as an Irrigation Engineer, an Environmental Specialist and a Water Resources... Read more »
Masroor Ahmad's picture
Masroor Ahmad is a Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank, based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Before joining the World... Read more »
Massimiliano Calì's picture
Massimiliano Calì is a Trade Economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Gloabl Practice. His current and recent work... Read more »
Massimo Cirasino's picture
Mr. Cirasino joined the World Bank in July 1998 and is is Manager of the Financial Infrastructure & Remittances Service Line and Head... Read more »
Massimo Mastruzzi's picture

Massimo Mastruzzi is a Senior Economist in the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. Mr. Mastruzzi, an Italian national and econo... Read more »

Mateo Fernandez's picture
9-year old student at the Jakarta International School. With friends I run a small business called the Blue Dragon Mall at our school... Read more »
Mathew Verghis's picture
Mathew Verghis is Lead Economist at the World Bank for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, and is based in Bangkok. ... Read more »
Matias Herrera Dappe's picture
Matías is Senior Economist in the Sustainable Development Department for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. His work at the World... Read more »
Matija Laco's picture
Matija Laco is a Country Economist working on EU11 countries based in the World Bank Brussels Office. His work focuses on macroeconomic... Read more »
Mats Andersson's picture
Matt Hobson's picture
Matt Hobson is a Coordinator for the Ethiopia's PSNP's Donor Coordination tem, in collaboration with the WDR 2014 team. Read more »
Matteo Morgandi's picture
Matteo Morgandi is a Young Professional in the Social Protection and Labor unit of the MENA Region, where he works on labor markets and... Read more »
Matthew De Galan's picture
Matthew De Galan is a Senior Fellow and Investment Fund Director at Nike Foundation. Read more »
Matthew Groh's picture
Matthew Groh specializes in impact evaluations, microfinance, and labor markets with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa region. ... Read more »
Matthew H. Morton's picture

Matthew Morton is a Young Professional at the World Bank Group, where he works on social protection, jobs, and gender and developmen... Read more »

Matthew Inman's picture
Dr Matthew Inman leads sustainable urban development research projects within CSIRO and has been closely involved with the Read more »
Matthew Jowett's picture
Matthew Jowett is a Senior Health Financing Specialist with the World Health Organization.  He recently moved from the Barcelona... Read more »
Matthew Kahn's picture
Matthew E. Kahn is a Professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment, the Department of Economics, the Department of... Read more »
Matthew Spacie's picture
Matthew first came to India in 1986 where he worked as a volunteer with The Sisters of Charity in Calcutta. Following his graduation and... Read more »
Mattias Lundberg's picture
Mattias Lundberg is Senior Economist in the Social Protection and Labor team of the World Bank, and is the World Bank's Focal Point on... Read more »
Maura K. Leary's picture
Maura K. Leary is the Communications Lead for the World Bank Group's Poverty Global Practice, managing strategic communications and... Read more »
Mauricio González Lara's picture
Mauricio Larrain's picture

Mauricio Larrain is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School. His research focuses on corporat... Read more »

Mauricio O. Ríos's picture
Mauricio O. Ríos has more than 15 years of experience in the communications field. He currently is a Communications Officer with the... Read more »
Mauricio Ríos's picture
Mauricio O. Ríos has more than 15 years of experience in the communications field. He currently is a Communications Officer with the... Read more »
Mauro Azeredo's picture

Mauro Azeredo is the World Bank's communications officer for Brazil and responsible for developing and managing the Bank’s communica... Read more »

Mauro Testaverde's picture
Mauro Testaverde is an ET Economist in the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Social Protection and Labor Unit. His work currently... Read more »
Max Thabiso Edkins's picture
Max Thabiso Edkins was born in Lesotho and grew up between Lesotho, Germany and South Africa. He completed his undergraduate in natural... Read more »
Maximilian Leo Hirn's picture
Economist Read more »
May Wazzan's picture
May joined the Social Protection Unit in October 2010 after having worked for two years as a Research Analyst at the World Bank Lebanon... Read more »
Maya Brahmam's picture

Maya Brahmam is a Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank. She has managed communications for a range of clients within the ... Read more »

Maya Eden's picture
Maya Eden is an economist in the Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the Development Research Group. She joined the group in August 2011,... Read more »
Maya V. Gusarova's picture
Maya V. Gusarova is a Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank. She joined the Public Sector Institutional Reform unit within... Read more »
Maya Villaluz's picture

Maya Gabriela Q. Villaluz is a Senior Environment Operations Officer for the World Bank who has worked extensively on global and nat... Read more »

Mayada El-Zoghbi's picture
Mayada El-Zoghbi is a senior microfinance specialist and the manager of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor's (CGAP) Paris office.... Read more »
Mead Over's picture

Mead Over is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development researching economics of efficient, effective, and cost-effective... Read more »

Meaza Ashenafi's picture
Meaza Ashenafi is the Founder of Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association and the Board Chairperson of Enat Bank. Read more »
Mee Jung Kim's picture
Mee Jung Kim is a Junior Professional Associate with the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific, Financial and Private Sector Development... Read more »
Meeckel B. Beecher's picture
Meeckel B. Beecher is a youth development enthusiast who subscribes to the idea that the effective mobilization and utilization of youth... Read more »
Meena Munshi's picture

(Dr.) Meena M. Munshi, is a Senior Economist, in the sustainable Development Department in the South Asia Region of the World. Bank... Read more »

Meera Shekar's picture
Meera Shekar is Lead Health & Nutrition Specialist in the Africa region at the World Bank. In this position she is leading the... Read more »
Meera Shenoy's picture
Meera Shenoy is the Executive Director of Employment Generation & Marketing Mission (EGMM), which was established by Bank and Government... Read more »
Megan Sheahan is a Research Support Specialist at Cornell University. Her current research focuses on modern agricultural input use in... Read more »
Megha Mukim's picture
Megha Mukim is an Economist working on issues of competitiveness and urban development with the World Bank Group. She has several years... Read more »
Meghana Ayyagari's picture

Meghana Ayyagari is Associate Professor at the School of Business and the Elliott School of International Affairs, at George Wa... Read more »

Megumi Kubota's picture
Megumi Kubota works at the office of the Chief Economist in the Latin America and the Caribbean region of the World Bank. She works on... Read more »
Mehreen Arshad Sheikh's picture

Mehreen Sheikh is a Communications Officer at the World Bank's External and Corporate Relations Unit. She has more than 8 years... Read more »

Mehrin Ahmed Mahbub's picture
Mehrin Ahmed Mahbub is working as the Communications Officer for the World Bank Dhaka Office. She is a firm believer of openness and... Read more »
Mehrunisa Qayyum's picture
Mehrunisa Qayyum is the founder of PITAPOLICY Consulting. She worked at the United States’ Government Accountability Office for four... Read more »
Meike van Ginneken's picture
Melanie Argimon Pistre's picture
Melanie Argimon is a Junior Professional Associate currently working on projects related to biodiversity conservation, agriculture, rural... Read more »
Melanie Zipperer's picture

Senior Communications Officer, World Bank Africa Region

Read more »
Meleesa Naughton's picture
Meleesa is a Junior Professional Associate working on urban and rural water supply and sanitation projects. Prior to joining the World... Read more »
Melisa Gaitan Fanconi's picture
Melisa Fanconi is a Transportation Consultant for the World Bank's Latin America and the Caribbean Region. She is an industrial... Read more »
Melise Jaud's picture
Mélise Jaud is an economist in the Chief Economist Office of the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa region. Prior to joining the... Read more »
Melissa Adelman's picture
Melissa Adelman is an Economist in the World Bank Group’s Education Global Practice, where she works on analytical and lending activities... Read more »
Melissa Richer and Juli Huang's picture
Ayllu Initiative ... Read more »
Melissa Williams's picture

Melissa Williams is an Operations Officer for South Asia Agriculture and Rural Development.  She specializes in knowledge mana... Read more »

Melody Ann Hill Kokoszka Read more »
Menberu Allebachew's picture
Menberu Allebachew is a senior land administration specialist for the World Bank in Ethiopia. Read more »
Meritxell Martinez's picture

Meritxell Martinez is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) operations officer in charge of coordinating a country program gear... Read more »

Merrell Tuck-Primdahl's picture

Merrell is Senior Communications Officer in the World Bank’s Development Economics Vice Presidency, a job she has held since 2007. S... Read more »

Mette Frost Bertelsen's picture
Mette Frost Bertelsen lives in Vietnam, where she is the Country Officer and Gender Focal Point for the World Bank's Vietnam Country... Read more »
Michael Bennett's picture
Michael Bennett is the Head of Derivatives and Structured Finance in the treasury department of the World Bank. He has spent over ten... Read more »
Michael Best's picture

Michael Best is a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University. ... Read more »

Michael Boampong's picture

Michael Boampong is the lead author of the UN Wor... Read more »

Michael Carter's picture
Michael Carter is a professor of agriculture & resource economics at the University of California-Davis. Read more »
Michael Clemens's picture

Michael Clemens is a senior fellow and research manager for migration at the Center for Global Development in ... Read more »

Michael Crow's picture

Dr. Michael Crow is President of Arizona State University and a recognized global leader in university design. Dr. Crow has been wor... Read more »

Michael Durr's picture

Michael Durr is the Business Development Analyst for the agribusiness,... Read more »

Michael Ehst's picture
Mike is a Business Incubation Specialist with infoDev and joined the team after working with infoDev's Climate Technology Program,... Read more »
Michael Engelgau's picture

Michael Engelgau is a Senior Public Health Specialist who joined the South Asia Human Development unit at the World Bank in January... Read more »

Michael Ferrantino's picture
Michael J. Ferrantino is Lead Economist in the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice. Prior to joining the Bank, he... Read more »
Michael Figueroa's picture

A U.S. national, Michael Figueroa has worked as an information assistant in the East Asia and Pacific Region for ten years, supporting... Read more »

Michael Foley's picture

Michael was the lead Distance Learning Specialist at the World Bank in Washington DC up to his retirement three years ago where he ... Read more »

Michael Grant's picture
Michael A. Grant is a Communications Specialist in the World Bank Group's Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, focusing on infoDev... Read more »
Michael Green's picture

Michael Green is an independent writer and consultant, based in London.

... Read more »
Michael Jarvis's picture
Michael Jarvis is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist with the World Bank Institute, with an interest in private sector roles... Read more »
Michael Joseph is the World Bank Group's first Fellow and was previously the CEO of Safaricom. Read more »
Michael Keen's picture

Michael Keen is Assistant Director in the Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund, where he was previously head... Read more »

Michael King's picture

Michael King is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin. Michael’s research interests include the... Read more »

Michael Klein's picture

Michael Klein is Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany and a Senior Adjunct Professor at the School... Read more »

Michael Levitsky's picture

Michael Levitsky works on integrating oil and gas issues with climate change policies, and contributes to the work on analyzing GHG... Read more »

Michael MacCracken's picture

Dr. Michael MacCracken is Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute in Washington DC. Mike spent most of... Read more »

Michael O’Sullivan's picture
Michael O’Sullivan is an Economist and the land thematic leader for the World Bank's Gender Innovation Lab. He analyzes the impact of... Read more »
Michael Peter Steen Jacobsen's picture
Michael Pollitt's picture
Michael is the Director of Studies in Management and Economics, a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, a research associate of the Read more »
Michael Rizzo's picture
Michael supports CGAP’s Knowledge Products, Communications and Web team in managing and marketing the 2012 Photo Contest, as well as... Read more »
Michael Toman's picture
Michael Toman (Mike) is Lead Economist on Climate Change in the Development Research Group and Manager of the Energy and Environment Team... Read more »
Michael Trucano's picture

Michael Trucano is the World Bank's Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist and Global Lead for Innova... Read more »

Michael Woolcock's picture
Michael Woolcock is Lead Social Development Specialist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank, where he has worked since... Read more »
Michaela Brett Samuel Halpern's picture
Ms. Halpern is a temporary Short-Term Consultant in the Governance Global practice group. She works mainly in the European and Central... Read more »
Michal Rutkowski's picture
Michal Rutkowski is the Human Development Director for the South Asia Region of the World Bank. Read more »
Michel Landel's picture
Michel Landel joined Sodexo in 1984 as Operations Manager for Eastern and North Africa. In 1986, he was promoted to Director for Remote... Read more »
Michel Matera's picture
Michel Matera is a Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank Global Practice for Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience.... Read more »
Michel Rogy's picture
Michel Rogy joined the World Bank in 2011 to a) advise governments on policies and regulations that create a positive investment climate... Read more »
Michel Welmond's picture
Michel Welmond has 25 years of experience as an education specialist, managing partner supported programs for the development of... Read more »
Michele Gragnolati's picture

Michele Gragnolati joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 1998 and since 2000, he served first as an economist with the He... Read more »

Michele Zini's picture
Michele Zini is a Research Analyst at the World Bank’s Office in South Africa, with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM)... Read more »
Michelle Chiting Louie's picture
Michelle Louie is an education specialist currently working on school health and feeding issues at the World Bank. She previously managed... Read more »
Michelle Pabalan's picture
Michelle, or Pabsy, is a multimedia producer for the World Bank's External and Corporate Relations, Broadcast and Multimedia team.... Read more »
Mick Riordan's picture

Mick has been with the World Bank for more than 20 years where he has worked in analysis and forecasting of developments for global... Read more »

Midori Makino's picture
Midori Makino is Lead Evaluation Officer and the Coordinator for infrastructure and Energy Cluster at the Independent Evaluation Group.... Read more »
Miguel Angel del Arco's picture
Miguel Angel has graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid. Also, he was head of Culture of La Clave and head of... Read more »
Miguel Eduardo Sanchez is a Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Economist at the World Bank. His CV spans several Latin American... Read more »
Mikael is an online communications consultant with the Development Economics (DEC) group at the World Bank.  He is one of the... Read more »


Mike Stefanovic is INT’s Manager of External Investigations, with prior experience as Chi... Read more »
Mike Wessells's picture

Michael Wessells, PhD, is Professor at Columbia University in the Program on Forced Migration and Health. A long time psychosocial a... Read more »

Miki Terasawa's picture

Miki Terasawa is a Rural Development Specialist in South Asia Agriculture and Rural Development Department.  She is specialize... Read more »

Mikiko Imai Ollison's picture
Mikiko Imai Ollison is a Private Sector Development Specialist at the World Bank Group.  After experiences in the private sector and... Read more »
Milan Brahmbhatt's picture

Milan Brahmbhatt is a Lead Economist in the World Bank's East Asia and Pacific Region and editor of the twice yearly Read more »

Miles McKenna's picture
Milica Begovic's picture
Millie works as a par-time senior manager at UNDP Montenegro in charge of... Read more »
Ming Zhang's picture
Ming Zhang is sector manager for urban and water for the South Asia region of the World Bank. He has more than 15 years’ experience with... Read more »
Minh Cong Nguyen's picture

Minh Cong Nguyen is an Economist in the Poverty Global practice at the World Bank. 

Read more »
Mirella Hernani's picture
Mirella Hernani has worked in the areas of rural and social development for more than nine years. She has extensively applied ICT as a... Read more »
Miriam Bruhn's picture

Miriam Bruhn is a Senior Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development Team of the Development Research G... Read more »

Miriam Sabzevari's picture
Miriam Schneidman's picture
Miriam Schneidman is a Lead Health Specialist in the Africa Region of the World Bank.  She has more than 30 years of experience... Read more »
Mizuki Yamanaka's picture
Mizuki Yamanaka is a Statistician in the Development Data Group at the World Bank. He works on the 2011 round of the International... Read more »
Moazzam Mekan's picture
Moazzam Mekan is IFC's Regional Manager for Central Asia covering Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.... Read more »
Mohamad Al-Arief's picture
Mohamad Al-Arief is the Communications Lead for the World Bank Group’s Social Protection and Labor Global Practice. Prior to that, he was... Read more »
Mohamed Ashraf Abdel Samad's picture
Mohamed Ashraf Abdel Samad is a social entrepreneur who is trying to promote the concept of responsible, proactive capitalism. This is... Read more »
Mohamed Keita's picture
Coordinates CPJ's campaigning efforts in 43 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Since joining CPJ in 2006, Keita has reported on and... Read more »
Mohammad Amin's picture

Mohammad Amin is a Senior Economist with the Enterprise Analysis Unit at the World Bank Group. His current research interest include... Read more »

Mohammad Hoseini's picture

Mohammad Hoseini is a PhD student and a junior fellow of European Banking Center at Tilburg University. He completed his undergradua... Read more »

Mohammed A. Khan's picture
Mohammed A. Khan is a Senior Education Specialist in the Global Education team promoting investments in private education in emerging... Read more »
Mohini Datt's picture
Mohini Datt is a trade policy analyst with the international trade department of the World Bank, where she has written on trade... Read more »
Mohsen Bentouati's picture
Mohsen Bentouati is Sub-Director of Employment Programs at the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment in Tunisia​. Read more »
Moira Donahue's picture
Moira Donahue is the director of international operations for Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations with a mission to... Read more »
Molly Elgin-Cossart's picture
Molly Elgin-Cossart is Senior Fellow for Global Development at New York University's Center on International Cooperation, where she... Read more »
Molly Norris's picture
Molly is a web editor, interactive designer and multimedia producer. Molly builds participatory experiences in converging media spaces.... Read more »
Mombert Hoppe's picture
Mombert Hoppe is an Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department of the World Bank, focusing on collaborative... Read more »
Mona Haddad's picture
Mona Haddad is Practice Manager of the Trade Practice within the World Bank Group Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice.. In this... Read more »
Mona Ziade's picture
Mona Ziade is Communications & External Affairs Officer for the World Bank, based in Beirut, Lebanon. Ziade joined the World Bank Country... Read more »
Monica Alina Mustra's picture
Mrs. Mustra joined the World Bank in 2004 and has worked on a number of major trade and transport facilitation and logistics related... Read more »
Monika Gutestam's picture
Monika Gutestam is a Consultant with the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice at the World Bank, working on Knowledge... Read more »
Monika Kumar's picture
Monique Vledder's picture

Senior Health Specialist and Program Manager, Health Results Innovation Trust Fund

Read more »
Montserrat Meiro-Lorenzo's picture
Dr. Meiro-Lorenzo is a Senior Public Health Specialist at the World Bank, where she is responsible for the dialogue on non-communicable... Read more »
Morgan Brannon's picture
Moritz Meyer's picture
Moritz Meyer is an economist in the Poverty Global Practice of the World Bank, working on the topics of poverty measurement,... Read more »
Morten Jerven's picture

Morten Jerven is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Learn more about Morten from his blo... Read more »

Morten Larsen's picture
Morten Larsen is a Mining Specialist in the World Bank’s Energy and Extractive Industries Global Practice Group. Morten is leading the... Read more »
Morten Seja's picture
Morten Seja is a Consultant in the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Global Practice of the Finance and Private Sector... Read more »
Moseri Mac Samuel's picture
Moseri Mac Samuel is a Deputy CEO of the Innovation Empowerment Programme, Kenya. Read more »
Mouhamed Djigo's picture
Tengo 25 años y soy de Mauritania. Trabajo como voluntario en la ONG “Arbre" además de ser el Redactor Jefe adjunto de la revista ... Read more »
Mourad Ezzine's picture
Mourad Ezzine is the Education Sector Manager, Human Development Department in the Middle East and North Africa Region of the World Bank.... Read more »
Mthuli Ncube's picture
Dr. Mthuli Ncube is the Chief Economist and Vice President of the African Development Bank (AfDB). He is responsible for overall... Read more »
Mugo Kibati's picture
Mugo Kibati is the former director general of Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat, which is responsible for spearheading the implementation... Read more »
Mukami Kariuki's picture
R. Mukami Kariuki, is currently the World Bank, Sector Manager for Urban Development and Services in East and Southern Africa; and... Read more »
Mukesh Chandra Saran is the State Project Manager (Micro-finance) at the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society, Patna, India. Mukesh... Read more »
Munawer Sultan Khwaja's picture
Munawer Sultan Khwaja is a fiscal economist at the World Bank where he leads the tax reform efforts in ECA. Earlier, he held served as... Read more »
Muneeb Ansari is an Online Communications Associate for the World Bank's South Asia region. Before joining the Bank, Muneeb worked at the... Read more »
Murat Seker's picture

Murat Seker is an Economist in the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Practice of the Finance and Private Sector Developm... Read more »

Murillo Campello's picture

Professor Campello is an internationally recognized scholar of financial economics. Campello’s papers have dealt wi... Read more »

Mushtaq Khan's picture
Mushtaq Husain Khan is a heterodox economist and Professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Read more »
Mustapha K. Nabli's picture
Mustapha K. Nabli was Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia from January 2011, just after the revolution, until July 2012. He was at... Read more »
Mustapha Rouis's picture
Mustapha Rouis, currently a Consultant, has worked at the World Bank in different professional and managerial capacities across various... Read more »
Muthukumara Mani's picture

Muthukumara Mani is a senior environmental economist in the Sustainable Development Department of the World Bank’s South Asia Region... Read more »

Myra Valenzuela's picture
Myra works with the Innovation Practice on the Development Marketplace. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French... Read more »