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Paavo Eliste is a Lead Rural Development Specialist at the World Bank.  He is currently based in Beijing where he coordinates World... Read more »
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Pablo Benitez is Senior Climate Change Economist working with the Climate Change Practice of the World Bank Institute. He joined the... Read more »

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Pablo Peña leads the Economic Studies group at Mexico’s National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). The group was created in 2009.... Read more »
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Padam was born in Doti district of far western region of Nepal. He completed my school level education from different school of far... Read more »
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Paige Donnelly will graduate in Political Science and Arabic at Davidson College this May. She grew up in the Middle East... Read more »
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Paige Morency-Notario works with the Client Services and Communications (CSC) team of the Development Data Group. She joined the Bank in... Read more »
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Pallavi manages the IFC’s South Asia Inclusive Business Program that focuses on creating sustainable impact at the Base of Pyramid... Read more »
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Paloma coordina la preparación e implementación de operaciones de financiamiento y de trabajos de investigación en las áreas de gestión... Read more »
Paloma Monroy is senior consultant on migration, remittances and development for international organizations. She has... Read more »


became the World Bank’s Vice President for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region on January 1, 2005. She is ... Read more »

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Dr. Paola Agostini is a Lead Environmental Economist in the World Bank’s Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice. She... Read more »
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Paolo Brunori is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Bari. He previously held a position as research assistant at ... Read more »

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Paolo Mefalopulos is the UNICEF Representative in Uruguay, Montevideo. He previously headed the Communication Program at UNICEF Indi... Read more »

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Paolo Spada received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University in May 2012. Spada also holds a Ph.D. in economics from Bol... Read more »

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Paolo Verme is Senior Poverty Specialist for North-Africa and the Middle-East at the World Bank. A Ph.D. graduate of the London School of... Read more »
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Parabal Partap Singh has been a short-term consultant with the core GFDR team. Parabal attends Stanford University,... Read more »

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Param is Program Leader and Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist in the Hanoi office of the World Bank, where he has worked on water... Read more »
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Parmesh Shah currently leads the rural livelihood and development cluster in South Asia region of the World Bank and is involved in... Read more »

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Paromita manages the growing online presence of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and shares other... Read more »
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Parth Tewari is the Lead Private Sector Development Specialist and Head of Operations for the Competitive Industries Practice of the... Read more »

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Parul Agarwala works with the urban team in the Sustainable Development Unit in the South Asia Region at the World Bank. She specializes... Read more »
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With a Masters in Communication, and a specialization in film and television, Parvathi transitioned from applying pure media to... Read more »

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Patricia Bliss-Guest is the Program Manager for the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). The CIF comprises the Clean Technology Fund and... Read more »
Patricia da Camara
Read more »
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Patricia Fernandes joined the Bank as a Young Professional and has been working since September 2009 as Social Development Specialist in... Read more »
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Patricia Odera is Senior Corporate Communications Officer at the Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya. Read more »
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Patricia Palale is a public sector management specialist in the World Bank Office in Zambia. She is the Task Team Leader&... Read more »

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Patricio V. Marquez is a World Bank Lead Health Specialist, who is leading the Global Tobacco Control Initiative at the World Bank Group.... Read more »
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Patrick Kabanda has consulted for the Office of the Senior Vice President and C... Read more »

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Patrick is a Senior Health Specialist at the New Delhi office in India. Read more »
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Patrick Nkengne is an education policy analyst at the Pôle de Dakar (UNESCO-IIEP).  He has a statistical background and... Read more »
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Patrick L. Osewe is Lead Health Specialist for the Southern Africa region of the World Bank. Based in South Africa, he provides tech... Read more »

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Patti Petesch specializes in qualitative field research on poverty, gender, conflict, and participatory development. She is a co-author... Read more »
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Paul Barbour is a Senior Risk Management Officer in the Economics and Policy Group of MIGA, the political risk insurance arm of... Read more »

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Paul Bermingham was appointed Director of Operations Services in the Operations Policy and Country Services vice-presidency of the World... Read more »
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Paul Brenton is the Trade Practice Leader in the Africa Region of the World Bank and is co-editor of the recently released book De... Read more »
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Paul Clare is the Regional Online Communications Officer for the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia region. As online... Read more »
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Sir Paul Collier is a Professor of Economics at Oxford University and Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies.
... Read more »
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Paul Corral is a Consultant at the World Bank working with the Poverty Global Practice Group.  His main areas of interest are... Read more »
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Dr. Paul Farmer, physician and anthropologist, is chief strategist and co-founder of Partners In Health, Kolokotrones University... Read more »
Paul Harvey's picture
Paul Harvey is a Partner with Humanitarian Outcomes, an independent team of professionals providing evidence-based analysis and policy... Read more »


Paul Haynes is a Team Leader in INT's Research and Analysis Unit, responsible for develop... Read more »
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Paul Lister is Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary of Associated British Foods.

Read more »
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Sector Leader, Africa Region, World Bank Read more »
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Paul Procee is an environmental engineer with about 15 years of experience in urban environmental and infrastructure management. He... Read more »
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Paul Sisk is the Lead Finance Management Specialist in the Afghanistan Country office. Paul has worked in the Kabul office for eleve... Read more »

Paul Zahra's picture
Paul Zahra is Permanent Secretary (Policy), Malta and President of the CAPAM Board of Directors. Mr. Zahra joined the Malta Public... Read more »
Paula Caballero's picture
Prior to joining the World Bank in July 2014 as Senior Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice, Paula Caballero... Read more »
Paula Nagler is Assistant Professor in Social Protection and Entrepreneurship at the Maastricht School of Management and... Read more »
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Paula Suarez is a Program Officer in the President’s Delivery Unit.  She has ten years of experience in policy implementation and... Read more »
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Paula Tavares joined the World Bank Group’s Women, Business and the Law team in 2010 after working on the Investment Climate... Read more »
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Paulina Hołda is an economist working with the Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management (MFM) Global Practice at the World... Read more »
Pauline Buffle has been working on climate change adaptation for over 3 years. In 2010, Pauline joined International Union for... Read more »
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Pauline Kennedy has 15  years of experience in economic policy analysis and advice, with a focus on climate change mitigation and... Read more »
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Paulo Correa is a lead economist in the Financial and Private Sector Department of the Europe and Central Asia Region of the World ... Read more »

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Paulo de Sa is the Sector Manager of the Sustainable Energy Department, Oil, Gas and Mining Unit at the World Bank, where he coordinates... Read more »
Pedro Cerdan-Infantes's picture
Pedro Cerdan-Infantes is an Education Economist in the East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank. Currently based... Read more »
Pedzi Makumbe's picture
Pedzi Makumbe is an Energy Specialist at ESMAP, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program at the World Bank. Prior to joining the... Read more »
Penny Bamber's picture
Penny Bamber is a former consultant for the International Trade Department of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM)... Read more »
Perinaz Bhada-Tata's picture
Perinaz Bhada-Tata is an independent consultant working on issues related to solid waste management, cities, and climate change. She was... Read more »
Perzen Patel's picture
Perzen is an experienced communications and events professional passionate about meeting people from different cultures, hosting... Read more »
Peter B. McIntyre's picture
Dr. Peter Pete McIntyre is a professor at the University of Madison Wisconsin’s Center for Limnology.  His research team currently... Read more »
Peter Bourke's picture

Peter Bourke works at the Development Data Group’s Financial Data Team. He maintains external debt data for the International Debt S... Read more »

Peter Chapman's picture
Peter Chapman is a consultant with the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank. His work with the Justice for the Poor program focuses on... Read more »
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Peter Damgaard Jensen is the chief executive officer of the Danish investment manager Pensionskassernes Administration A/S. Read more at... Read more »
Peter Dewees's picture
Peter Dewees is Forests Adviser to the World Bank, where he works in the Agriculture and Environmental Services Department. The team he... Read more »
Peter Golias's picture
Peter Golias is Director at the Bratislava based think-tank INEKO – Institute for economic and social reforms. Read more »
Peter Hawkins's picture
Peter Hawkins is the country team leader for the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) in Mozambique, based in Maputo, since 2007.  In... Read more »
Peter Head's picture
Peter Head is the Director of Arup, a global firm of urban designers, engineers, planners and business consultants. In 2011, he... Read more »
Peter Holland's picture
Peter Holland is a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank, and the Task Team Leader in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay. Peter... Read more »
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PETER LANJOUW, a Dutch national, is Research Manager of the Poverty Group in the Development Economics Research Group of the World Bank.... Read more »
Peter Materu's picture
Prior to his appointment as Sector Manager Mr. Materu was Program Leader for higher education in the Africa Region, Cluster Leader for 16... Read more »
Peter McConaghy's picture
Peter works as a financial sector analyst (JPA) within MENA FPD where he steers the unit's financial inclusion work and provides... Read more »
Peter O’Neill is currently leading transport policy and development for the UN regional office for Asia and Pacific. Focus of the work is... Read more »
Peter Schierl's picture

Peter Schierl is a World Bank Group Knowledge Management Officer, working on climate change communication and learning program devel... Read more »

Peter Siegenthaler's picture
Peter Siegenthaler es representante del Banco Mundial en Uruguay desde 2010. Economista especializado en finanzas y gestión del gasto... Read more »
Peter Stephens's picture

Director of External Affairs, World Bank Africa Region

Read more »
Peter Van Oudheusen's picture

Peter van Oudheusden is a consultant in the Finance and Private Research Team of the Development and Research Group at the World Ban... Read more »

Peter Warutere is a communications officer for the World Bank based in Nairobi, working on Kenya, Eritrea and Somalia. He also works on... Read more »
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk's picture
Petrus Henricus Van Heesewijk is Senior Program Officer for the Governance Partnership Facility (GPF). Piet's primary specializations... Read more »
Phil Crehan's picture
Phil Crehan is a social and human development consultant and works on a Nordic Trust Fund project, “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity,... Read more »
Phil Hay's picture

Phillip Hay is Communication Adviser for the World Bank’s Development Economics team (DEC). A former BBC Special Correspondent and U... Read more »

Philip Angell's picture
Philip Angell is the Editor-in-Chief of the World Resources Report (WRR). He was also the Editor of the previous WRR, `World Resources... Read more »
Philip E. Karp's picture
Philip Karp is currently Advisor, Office of the regional vice president in East Asia and the Pacific in the World Bank. Previously, he... Read more »
Philip Keefer's picture
Philip Keefer is a Lead Research Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Since receiving his PhD in Economics from... Read more »
Philip Levy's picture

Philip Levy is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute’s Program in International Economics.

Philip I. L... Read more »

Philip Schellekens's picture

Philip Schellekens works in the East Asia and Pacific Department of the World Bank. Prior to his appointment to the World Bank,... Read more »

Philipp Krause's picture
Philipp Krause specializes in public administration and budgeting, particularly ministries of finance. He is leading the public finance... Read more »
Philippa Sigl-Gloeckner's picture
Philippa Sigl-Gloeckner works in the Office of the President where she serves as Analyst in the President’s Delivery Unit, covering data,... Read more »
Philippe de Meneval's picture
Philippe is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist in the Middle East & North Africa vice-presidency of the World Bank. He... Read more »
Philippe Desfossés's picture
Philippe Desfosses is the CEO of ERAFP, the French Public... Read more »
Phillip Jordan's picture
Phillip Jordan is an Australian consultant who is recognised internationally for his experience and practical knowledge of road safety... Read more »
Phillippe Leite's picture
Phillippe Leite is Economist at the Human Development Network. Before joining the network team, he worked for the Development Research... Read more »
Phindile Ngwenya is Research Analyst with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) team in the Pretoria Office in South... Read more »
Phoebe Folger's picture
Phoebe Folger is an Operations Officer in the Health, Nutrition, and Population department in the South Asia region. She was the team... Read more »
Pichaya Fitts's picture

Pichaya "Noi" Fitts joined the World Bank in 2007 as communications officer for its Thailand office. Before joining the World Bank,... Read more »

Pierce Brosnan's picture
Pierce Brosnan was at the the World Bank on the eve of the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings for a special preview screening of ... Read more »
Pierre Guislain's picture
Pierre Guislain, a Belgian national, is the Senior Director for the Transport and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)... Read more »
Pierre Strauss's picture
Pierre Strauss has worked as an economist with the World Bank Africa Region's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management team since 2009.... Read more »
Pierre-Richard Agénor's picture
Pierre-Richard Agénor is the Hallsworth Professor of International Macroeconomics and Development Economics at the University of Manchester. Read more »
Pilar Sánchez-Bella, a Spanish national, joined the Subnational Doing Business team in January 2010. She holds a Law degree with a... Read more »
Piotr Lewandowski's picture

Piotr Lewandowski is one of the founders and current President of the Management Board of the Institute for Structural Research (IBS... Read more »

Dr. Pirkko Pitkänen is Professor of Educational Policy and Multicultural Education at the University of Tampere (School of Education),... Read more »
Po Yin Wong's picture
Po Yin joined the Enterprise Analysis team as a consultant in October 2013. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Agricultural... Read more »
Pooja Virani's picture
Pooja Virani is a senior program associate at... Read more »
Poonam Gupta's picture

Poonam Gupta is a Senior Economist in the Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank. Prior to joining the Bank she hel... Read more »

Prabu Deepan's picture
Prabu Deepan is a youth activist and an advocate for youth‐led development in Sri Lanka. He contributes to the youth work of many local... Read more »
Pradeep Mitra's picture
Pradeep Mitra is a former Chief Economist and a former Sector Director of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit in the World... Read more »
Pradeep Valsangkar is a consultant for the World Bank Group's Transport and ICT Global Practice.  Read more »
Prakash Loungani's picture

Prakash Loungani is an an advisor at the IMF's Research Department. Learn more about Prakash on his personal blog: Read more »

Pramel Kumar Gupta is the Regional Director - North of Vrutti, Livelihoods Resource Centre, a center dedicated to sustainable livelihoods... Read more »
Prasanna Lal Das's picture
Prasanna Lal Das leads the open financial data program ( at the World... Read more »
Praveen Kumar's picture

Praveen Kumar is the World Bank's Lead Economist for Zimbabwe. Before taking this position, he worked as Lead Economist for Kenya. ... Read more »

Preet Rustagi's picture
Preet Rustagi is a professor at the Institute for Human Development (IHD... Read more »
Preeti Arora's picture
Preeti Arora is a Senior Country Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit of the World Bank’s Southern Africa... Read more »
Prema-chandra Athukorala's picture
Prema-chandra Athukorala is Professor of Economics at the Australian National University, fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in... Read more »
Priscilla M. Phelps's picture
Priscilla M. Phelps is a post-disaster recovery specialist who has worked for GFDRR and is one of the authors with Abhas Jha... Read more »
Priti Kumar's picture
Priti Kumar, a Canadian national, is currently Senior Environmental Specialist in the South Asia Disaster Risk Management and Climate... Read more »
Priya Chopra's picture
Priya Chopra is a communications assistant in the World Bank's New Delhi office. She has a master's of business administration in... Read more »
Priya Pillai's picture
Priya Pillai is the Lead, Research Uptake and Corporate Partnerships in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust for STRIVE projects. She designs... Read more »
Priyali Sur's picture
A longtime correspondent with CNN IBN Delhi, Priyali Sur is currently a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow at the University of Maryland and a... Read more »
Priyam Saraf's picture

Priyam Saraf is a Trade and Competitiveness Consultant focused on Competitive Sectors at the World Bank, based in New Delhi. Sh... Read more »

Prospere R. Backiny-Yetna's picture
Prospere R. Backiny-Yetna, Sr Economist/Statistician, Poverty Global Practice. Poverty economist and household survey specialist in the... Read more »
Pui Shen Yoong's picture

Pui Shen Yoong (Shen) is a Research Analyst based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since May 2014. Previously, Shen worked with entrepreneu... Read more »

Punam Chuhan-Pole's picture
Punam Chuhan-Pole is Lead Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the Africa Region at the World Bank. She has led a study... Read more »