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Uloaku Oyewole is the Knowledge Management Officer in the Capital Markets Practice at the World Bank, where she manages the Practice's knowledge,... Read more »
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Ulrich Bartsch was the senior country economist in the World Bank’s New Delhi office until September 2012, where he was in charge of macroeconomic... Read more »
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Ulrich Zachau, a German national, joined the World Bank Group in 1988. He has since held various staff and management positions at the World Bank,... Read more »
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Umar Serajuddin is an economist at the Poverty and Gender group in the MENA region of the World Bank. His work focuses on poverty and inequality... Read more »
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Ursula Casabonne is an Operations Analyst in the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network. She previously worked in the... Read more »
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Full bio coming soon! Read more »
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Uwi Basaninyenzi is currently a Communications Officer with the World Bank's External Affairs Operational Communication department (EXTOC). She has... Read more »