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I am an undergraduate from the University of Colombo pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in the stream of banking and finance. I currently... Read more »
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Valeria Perotti is a Private Sector Development Specialist in the Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank, where she currently works on... Read more »
Ms. D'Costa is infoDev's Program Manager. She most recently served as Director of the International Division at the Info-Communication Development... Read more »
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Valerie Hickey is an environmental scientist and conservation biologist who specializes in biodiversity. Read more »
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Valerie Morrica is a Social Development Specialist in the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia Region. She focuses on social inclusion issues - in ... Read more »

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Valerie Nussenblatt is a consultant in the World Bank's Africa Region specializing in justice sector issues and competitiveness. She has also worked in... Read more »
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Vamsee Kanchi is a Communications Officer with the Operations and Strategy group in the Development Economics unit of the World Bank. Vamsee worked... Read more »

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Vandana Bhatnagar is an Institutional Development Specialist at the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) in India, where she has been associated with... Read more »
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Vandana Chandra is a senior economist in the World Bank’s Africa Finance and Private Sector, and DEC Operations and Strategy Departments. Most of ... Read more »

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Vanessa Moreira, a Brazilian national, is a Statistician working as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC. She joined the Development... Read more »
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VARUN GAURI is Senior Economist with the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research draws on theories and methods form economics,... Read more »
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Varun is a first year student of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (Batch 2014-2016). Read more »
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Mr. Vashkar Bhattacharjee is a person with visual disabilities primarily engaged as a Program Manager at the Young Power in Social Action (YPSA). ... Read more »
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Verena Fritz is a Governance Specialist with the PREM Public Sector Governance group at the World Bank. Verena is working on governance and politic... Read more »

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Veronica Raffo is Senior Infrastructure Specialist in the Latin America and Caribbean Region at The World Bank. Veronica joined the Bank in 2006, a... Read more »

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Veronika Zavacka is a fomer consultant in the then-International Trade Department of The World Bank. She has a PhD in International Trade from the... Read more »
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Veselin Kuntchev is a Private Sector Specialist with the Enterprise Analysis Unit at the World Bank Group. He currently works on... Read more »
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Vickram Cuttaree is Sr. Infrastructure Economist in the Transport & ICT Global Practice. He is currently based in Rabat, Morocco and is the tra... Read more »

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Vicky was a founding member of the Met Office Hadley Centre set up in 1990 to provide climate predictions and climate science to underpin government... Read more »
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Victoire Ngounoue, a Cameroonian national, is currently Short-Term Consultant for the World Bank Cameroon Country office Governance Program. Her main... Read more »
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Victor Duggan is a former consultant with the then-PREM Trade Division in East Asia and the Pacific region, within the World Bank.... Read more »
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ICT Innovation Specialist at World Bank currently working on: i) smart cities through open innovation and bottom-up approaches, ii) developing and... Read more »
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Victor Neagu is a Communications Officer in the World Bank's Central Asia Regional Office. Victor's work entails operational and strategic communication... Read more »
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Victor Vergara joined the World Bank in 1991 and contributed to the preparation of Urban Management Program publications... Read more »

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Victoria Flamant is a water specialist working as a consultant on water and sanitation projects in Haiti.
... Read more »
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Victoria Kwakwa is currently the Country Director for Vietnam at the World Bank. She has held this post since 2009, and joined the World Bank as a young... Read more »
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Dr. Victoria Lemieux is a Senior Public Sector Specialist (Information Management) and an Associate Professor of Archival Studies at the University of... Read more »
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Victoria Levin is an Economist in the Human Development sector, where she works on social safety nets, labor markets, and poverty analysis. Victoria's... Read more »
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Ms. Stanley is a Senior Rural Development and Land Specialist.  Ms. Stanley has worked in the Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region and Latin... Read more »
Retrouvez les vidéos et multimédias produits par la Banque mondiale. Read more »
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S. Vijay Iyer is Director of the World Bank’s Sustainable Energy Department, where he guides the Bank’s policies, programs and strategies in the energy... Read more »
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Vijay Pillai is currently World Bank's Country Manager in Sierra Leone. He has over 20 years of development experience with bilateral and multilateral... Read more »
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Dr. Vijayendra Rao is a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. He integrates his training in economics with theories and... Read more »
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Vikas Kanungo is an e-Government and m-Government expert with more than 20 years of experience in the field of ICT, e-Governance, m-Governance, Open... Read more »
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Vikram Nehru is Chief Economist and the Director of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management and Private and Financial Sector Department for ... Read more »

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Vikram Widge is the head of Climate Finance and Policy at IFC, the private sector affiliate of the World Bank. In this capacity, he leads IFC’s external... Read more »
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Viktoria Hnatkovska is an Associate Professor at the University of British Colombia, Vancouver School of Economics. Read more »
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Vilas is a former staff member of the World Bank Group (WBG) in Washington, D.C.  Over the years, he has worked across many departments: Operations... Read more »
Dr Vili Lehdonvirta is a consultant / researcher with infoDev, a trust fund program within the Financial and Private Sector Development Network. He is... Read more »
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Vinay Bhargava is chief technical adviser and a board member at an international NGO, the Read more »

Vinay Kumar Vutukuru is a consultant at the World Bank. He currently works on projects related to Rural livelihoods and agriculture development in South... Read more »
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Vinaya Swaroop is the Global Lead of the Global Solutions Group on Growth in the World Bank’s Global Practice of Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management.... Read more »
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Vincent Palmade is Lead Economist in the Private and Financial Sector group of the Africa region of the World Bank. Vincent joine... Read more »

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Vincent Vesin is a Transport Specialist in the Sustainable Development Department of the Middle East and North Africa Region. He joined the World Bank... Read more »
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Vinita Ranade trabaja como consultora en comunicaciones para la web del Banco Mundial en Nueva Dehli, India. Read more »
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Vinod Thomas was Director-General and Senior Vice President, Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank Group until his retirement in August 2011.... Read more »
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Vipul Bhagat brings to bear substantial experience at IFC in the areas of investment and advisory services – with special emphasis on infrastructure and... Read more »
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Virginia Horscroft is a Senior Economist at the World Bank, based in Sydney covering the Pacific Islands. She works on a range of macroeconomic pol... Read more »

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Virginia is the Bank’s focal person for activities related to road transport services and international logistics operations. She leads the formulation... Read more »
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Virginia works on the Development Marketplace program with the Innovation Lab department at the World Bank Institute. The focus of her work is to help... Read more »
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Vito Peragine is currently an Associate Professor of Public Economics at the University of Bari. Previously he has held the position of Lecturer in... Read more »

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Viva Dadwal is a Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she is investigating the transfer of health ... Read more »

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Vivek Maru is a senior counsel in the Justice Reform Group of the World Bank. His work focuses on justice reform and governance, primarily in... Read more »

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Vivian Argueta Bernal is a consultant with the Urban Sector in the World Bank's Beijing Office. Read more »
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Vivien Foster is the Manager of the Sustainable Energy department of the World Bank. Earlier, she was the Lead Economist in the Office of the Director... Read more »

Vladimir Hlasny is an associate professor of Economics at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. His research centers on industrial organization and mark... Read more »

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Vladimir Stenek is a climate change expert at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector lending arm of the World Bank Group. He is... Read more »
Vladimir V. Tsirkunov works as a senior environmental engineer in the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. Prior to joining... Read more »
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Volker Treichel has been a Lead Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank since December 2010. From... Read more »
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