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Aid Effectiveness

Non-habit forming development aid

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Does too much aid lead countries to become aid dependent? Clearly this is a possibility, and one that some aid critics believe is an inevitability. But I wouldn't say that aid is necessarily habit forming. The key issue is whether the aid is sustainable—in other words, whether the recipient country is taking the necessary steps to wean itself off aid over the longer term.

Development 2.0: The power of conversations

Any social media evangelist surely knows the objection all too well: you try to make the case for Web 2.0 and the power of conversations that it enables when someone inevitably comes up with "conversations are all very well, but what about real work? And real impacts?"

World Bank gets ahead of the pack in the race to open data

With perfect timing, as Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web predicted in his highly popular TED talk that open data is the web's future, the World Bank last week released its new API. From the developer's blog: