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Weekly Wire: the Global Forum

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These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

Saving Lives In Africa With The Humble Sweet Potato

“A regular old orange-colored sweet potato might not seem too exciting to many of us.

But in parts of Africa, that sweet potato is very exciting to public health experts who see it as a living vitamin A supplement. A campaign to promote orange varieties of sweet potatoes in Mozambique and Uganda (instead of the white or yellow ones that are more commonly grown there) now seems to be succeeding. (Check out this cool infographic on the campaign.) It's a sign that a new approach to improving nutrition among the world's poor might actually work.

That approach is called biofortification: adding crucial nutrients to food biologically, by breeding better varieties of crops that poor people already eat.”  READ MORE

Weekly Wire: the Global Forum

Kalliope Kokolis's picture

These are some of the views and reports relevant to our readers that caught our attention this week.

10 African tech voices to follow on Twitter

“Africa is quietly undergoing a tech revolution that could transform the continent. CNN's African Voices has highlighted 10 leading tech voices from different African countries. Each one comments on the role technology plays in boosting entrepreneurship and empowering communities in Africa.”  READ MORE

Open Society Foundations
How Open Society Grantees Are Advancing Access to Public Information in Latin America

“Since the landmark legal decision Marcel Claude Reyes and Others v. Chile of the Inter-American Human Rights Court in 2006, the right to access public information has increasingly been recognized by Latin America’s governments as a human right.  Fourteen of the region’s nineteen countries have access to public information laws, more than any other developing region in the world.  Most of these have been passed in the past decade with the support of the Open Society Foundations' Latin America Program and partner civil society organizations.”  READ MORE

Supporting Innovation by Connecting Local Actors: Reporting Tax Research in Kenya

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Findings from the study of the social diffusion of ideas, products, and practices, suggest that innovation can be cultivated by building bridges that link previously disconnected networks and communities of practice.  CommGAP supported a project in Kenya which could very well be undergirded by this idea.  Implemented by the Panos Network's Relay Programme, the project has been documented in a recently published case study entitled “Reporting tax research: Connecting researchers and journalists for improved media coverage and debate in Kenya”.

Research Is Not An End In Itself

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Arne Hoel

مع احتفالنا باليوم الدولي للمرأة عام 2018، ليس هناك حاجة أكثر من الوقت الحالي للاستثمار في البشر، لا سيما النساء والفتيات. فقد أصبحت المهارات والمعارف والخبرات - التي تسمى مجتمعة رأس المال البشري- تشكل نسبة هائلة من الثروة العالمية، أكبر من رأس المال المُنتج كالمصانع أو الصناعة أو الموارد الطبيعية.

لكن ثروة رأس المال البشري ليست موزعة بالتساوي في العالم، وتشكل شريحة أكبر من الثروة مع تطور البلدان. كيف يمكن إذن للبلدان النامية أن تبني رأسمالها البشري وتستعد لمستقبل أكثر تطلبا من الناحية التكنولوجية؟