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Mapping the global future

Mapping the Global Future' is the latest unclassified report from the US National Intelligence Council. This forward-looking scenario based report focuses on the contradictions of globalization, the impact of the rise of China and India, and new security risks. More on specific topics below the fold.

‘The Global Agenda’

Significant progress has been made in advancing the global development agenda [in 2005]. Now donor countries must move beyond commitments to developing concrete plans that make effective use of aid – plans that deliver results for the poor. For their part, developing countries must continue their efforts to build transparent and accountable institutions that promote growth and respond to the needs of the poor… Both rich and poor countries will have to think about how to make effective use of the additional aid that has been promised.

Starting a business in Afghanistan

For any aspiring entrepreneur, the challenges in rebuilding [Afghanistan's] society are many. Three decades of war destroyed Afghanistan’s infrastructure, ravaging the country’s roads and power grid. Security concerns make some regions difficult to reach. And skilled labour is in short supply, meaning companies such as Ms Nawabi’s often struggle to find enough workers. Most of the time they have to import skilled labour from neighbouring Iran or Pakistan. Capital, like electricity, is limited and expensive.

An ATM for cattle purchases

The BBC reports:

Today Muslims across the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the Islamic day of sacrifice. Every Muslim who is rich enough is supposed to donate an animal to be slaughtered, and the meat is donated to the poor. Sourcing the ideal beast can be time-consuming, but in Indonesia help is at hand. There is now an easy alternative - you can buy an animal at your nearest ATM machine.

Social capitalist awards

Introducing the Fast Company/Monitor Group Social Capitalist Award winners -- 25 entrepreneurs solving the world's toughest problems with creativity, ingenuity, and passion. Because they can't stand a vacuum.

Via Fast Company. More.