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Submitted by Brandon on

Unlike the author, I actually live in BC (Vancouver) and what isn't mentioned in this post is job creation (or lack thereof). Manufacturing in this province has been neutered since the carbon tax has been introduced. All sorts of good plant manager/controller, operator jobs have been sent to Ontario and other parts of Eastern Canada. Con Agra foods used to have multiple plants on Annacis Island (a large manufacturing hub in Metro Vancouver) and have moved all but one of their plants to Utah and Washington state. Annacis island is basically a ghost island compared to 10-11. Not everyone can and wants to work at Hoot Suite. The sad, but seemingly true, phrase at SFU (the local university i'm at) is "if you want to get a good job, move out of BC." If you ask many businessmen in fields that actually produce something, the common response is the high level of two things, Carbon Taxes and WCB taxes.

In my opinion, this article fails to mention any of the downsides of the carbon tax.