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Will the financial crisis slow down climate change work?

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Will the financial crisis slow down climate change work?

   Photo © Dominic Sansoni/World Bank

The world's attention is sharply focused on the financial crisis right now. Even Europe, which has always pushed for climate change, has begun to talk about potentially postponing the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While the world leaders can bail out the financial crisis, climate change is a crisis that’s already happening and will not wait. A green energy technology revolution can not only mitigate climate change, but also create jobs and stimulate economies.


Submitted by Diana Popescu on
I believe we should focus more now on the climate change as this can create jobs during this crisis period. Governments should spend money on alternative energies and help this industry. This is a good method of increasing the GDP growth as more and more countries are investing into infrastructure to make up for the slowdown. This crisis is actually helping environmentalists as more and more factories are closing – thus restoring the pollution to lower levels. What will matter from now on is how the existing factories would upgrade to be less polluting, so they can remain competitive on the markets and comply with the countries regulations on environment.

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