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High school students in India. Photo credit: Shutterstock
High school students in India. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The COVID-19 pandemic changed education for students and teachers everywhere.  Almost all schools had to close for months.  And ready or not, students – along with teachers and families – discovered that education was suddenly possible only through remote learning.

In many places schools have moved to reopen, sometimes through a combination of face-to-face classes and learning from home.  Everyone is now at some stage of getting back to normal – even if it’s a completely “new” normal.

So now, the big question for all of us is:

What lessons have we learned to improve teaching and learning?

If you’re aged 16 to 19 and currently enrolled in high school, we’d like to hear how you answer this question in your own words.

Please tell us:

What insights from your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic do you think would improve education and learning? What should educators and policymakers do differently, including by leveraging technology and changing teaching methods?

We invite you to enter this year’s fourth annual global blog writing competition, co-sponsored by the World Bank Group and the Financial Times. 

We are looking for your most inventive ideas, high-quality writing, and innovative solutions that would strengthen education going forward.

Send us:

  • A strong blog or essay, no longer than 500 words.
  • Your name, age, school, email, and country you live in.
  • Optional: any photos, videos, visualizations that help support your story.

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2022. Entries will be judged by a high-level panel of senior officials from the World Bank, Financial Times, and our partners.

You could win a chance to be published in the Financial Times and the World Bank Blogs.

For more information on entering the competition and to submit your entry, click here

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Paul McClure

Senior External Affairs Officer, World Bank

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Sulaiman Kamara
January 14, 2022

Actually,this adventure is positive, however this will strengthen the educational level of our children in this modern era. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most high intensive disaster that really caused the slow of African education in the world.

Eucharia Nnenna
January 14, 2022

Am so happy to be here, am look for forward to learn and improve more on this platform. How you can improve in Education here in Nigeria, honestly what is happening in this country now is not something to write ho.e about, but with God on our side we will survive. Coming to the area of Education, most of our students
What it so easily now in school, they don't pay attention inclass because during examination, they usually know how to manover everything. So with this teachers too don't use to understand what is going on. Or less those once that use to pay attention to their student. Am parents too don't direct their kids now academically again at home. There's a saying that goes this way, charity beingings at home. So parents should try every possible means to ensure his or her child is doing well, so that in school, everything will be moving smoothly even at home. And teachers should make sure they put their eyes on their students to see how good their have do

Priyanka Jain
January 14, 2022

What about write about the prandamic happened recently in the world

Mizabu Ibrahim Suleman
January 14, 2022

job opportunities

Harmanpreet Singh
March 04, 2022

The education system is very old dated in India. All the methods are 50 to centuries years old. They still put huge amounts of stress on children putting them into pressure then depression, anxiety and other mental issues. I’ve also got anxiety just because of the the pressure. The way they teach is also very old. It should be about what the child can do and not what he can learn in 2 days then write on a piece of paper then get graded and judged. Everywhere else in the world they value a persons character but in India it’s a percentage out of 100 determining your future. India is very behind in stuff like this. As of right now we are in a COVID situation there are 200,000 cases everyday and the school still expects us to study as if nothing happened then go to school during this time then give a 3 hour exam and bring 99%. Please help.

Shagun Samerani
March 04, 2022

By providing jobs, perfect educational system, motivatvating children we can give good education to every child...Due to padmic our educational system is on deadline so we must work on educational system in this difficult time by improving our way of teaching and providing good opportunities to childrens

Mumboko Cosmas
March 04, 2022

Education plays so large a part in the world that it would be difficult to imagine life without it.Therefore it is very cardinal to ensure that children across the planet are given the basic need which is education and this can be achieved by building more primary and secondary schools than ever..The world bank also needs to help governments to deploy as many teachers as possible to cater for all children..Moreso,more schools ought to be built globally and ensuring that clean and safe drinking water is readily available at all times in schools..It would be of great impact also if you sponsor girl child education by providing sanitary requirements such as home made sanitary pads..
Thank you!!

Albert Mweemba
March 04, 2022

During lockdown, I've learn't that for us to improve education we need to do the following; most children went through depression because of the lack of interaction with their peers and had nothing purposeful to do.One of the solutions to that is if schools are forced to close, learner's can interact with each other through e- classes and this can also help learner's not to stop in their learning process and keeping on with their studies. E-classes can also be used as to source studying materials such as text books and pamphlets after lockdowns,this can help learners especially those with some illnesses especially those infected with Corona virus to cope with school work even when absent from school. This initiative can be used world wide if supplied with enough funds and would benefit learners socially,mentally ,emotionally and pysochologically too.

Sabira tandukar
March 04, 2022

As we all know that our world is suffering with a great pandemic.And due to this pandemic it has affected on our academic performance.Not just we but our upcoming generation are also facing a lot of problems through online sessions.I want to suggest that through online classes we can't understand anything our mind get diverted easily in other social medias.Staring at the same devices for more than hours and hours it just affect our health.Online classes are meant for toppers but we average students it's hard for us I don't even have a word to say this online classes are sooo boring and staring at same devices it's painful.

Rohit Kumar Raut
March 04, 2022

The work of Freedom to Learn in Nepal has revolutionized the way in which children from some of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities have access to improved access to quality and quality of life and improved their chances of survival thereafter. We achieve this by identifying barriers to education in state schools in Nepal and then developing and providing workable contextual responses to address these issues, from bicycles to schools, teacher training, school meals for less than 5,000 children in 6 schools. We work to challenge and change this prejudice. Considering the myriad difficulties in the Nepali education system, the need for creative and innovative solutions is even more pertinent. We work with teachers, parents and students to develop multidisciplinary and child-centered teaching approaches - including hiring teachers, training teachers, providing essential school materials, providing school bikes, improving drinking water and sanitation facilities.- Rohit

Rajesh Bhatta
March 04, 2022

In this century without money they would have problems to breath too. Due to the COVID-19 schools and colleges are giving online classes but because of low hand device and internet issues we are not able to study well. So for the middle class family students they are facing lots of problems in their study. I am also one of it. We are paying fees but we are not able to get advantages from it. Without education surviving is hard and for education we have to pay although we are not getting its positive results and advantages.
Thank you.

March 04, 2022

education is a key to success and in my opinion after pandemic student across transitioned from in person classes to remote learning and it bring education right to your home online courses offer more individual attention but mostly of the student do not take online classes seriously policy makers and educators acknowledge and address overcrowding make funding schools a priority raise standards for teacher provide free education in local areas technology in education enables children to adjust their own pace of learning technology can also help teacher to help kids who need more support on an individual level give more job opportunities and upgrade education system because in my opinion education is important for every single person.

Chijindu Toochukwu
March 04, 2022

A way of improving the standard of education is by
1 acknowledging and addressing over crowding,the rate of population is to high government should provide schools and educational centers for illiterate.
2 by raising standards for teachers, teachers should be well paid and in every school teachers who are capable, willing and are able in verious aspect of their field of study should be employed.
3 by creating awareness on the lmportance of education

Sonu Gurung
March 04, 2022

Actually in the case of education I don't think every student in the world are not getting proper education. Online class are running but I don't think everyone is lucky enough to read online classes . So there must be some effective measures or availability of some other alternatives. Also I don't think lockdown is solution during pandemic. Vaccination is necessary but what to do when we need to pay for vaccine . The best solution is yet to come I guess.

Jared Omega Kollah
March 04, 2022

I think the best ways to help children is by supporting the education and empowering then. It's high time that the government and non governmentmental organization should increase their funding to accommodate each and every child in the community to fulfill his/her dreams. Covid-19 has also affected psychological mind and thinking ability leading to emotional and stressful life. The NGOs , stakeholders and the government should introduce counseling and motivation talks, mentorship program to coach them on how to manage their difficult moments and transform them into future leaders position. Through introduction of such positive vibes the students will be motivated. The government should introduce education system that is favourable for all students through such systems

Sk. Naveed
March 04, 2022

Today many students are struggling for their future to fulfill their dreams. Education is most important thing to change the fate of a person. Infact we can't change fate but Education and Hard working can challenge against ones own fate. So, to improve the quality of education, teachers should motivate children towards their future ambitions. Educators are most important, they play main role in the character building of the students. So, Teachers should try to understand the concepts of the subjects. They should explain them in different way. And Teachers should teach the concept in both theoritical and experimental ways. Experiments makes students to understand anything easily. Interest of the student towards their goal effects and improve their knowledge. If they are not interest in education and are interested in other activities. They should be trained and helped by their parents to keep them move on towards their Ambition.Character maintaining depends on every parents & educator.