Toshi Uematsu (not verified)

September 24, 2021

While most of this is sensible I worry that the Bank's PH policy advice is authored by a pair of economists, and there are some statements that are frankly, troubling.
For example, it is simply not legitimate to assume that dose fractionation in yellow fever can be extrapolated to COVID vaccines.
The statement "some regulators are not convinced there is benefit from providing first doses or boosters to certain low-risk groups at all' is made without reference.
And not vaccinating adolescents and children isnt just politically sensitive, they are sources of infection for older more vulnerable adults particularly in high density multi generational environments. And Delta seems to be a much greater issues in this age group than previous variants.
Advice on repurposing production and fast tracking regulatory approval is fine, but on the other issues it should stay in its lane.