Eucharia Nnenna (not verified)

January 12, 2022

Am so happy to be here, am look for forward to learn and improve more on this platform. How you can improve in Education here in Nigeria, honestly what is happening in this country now is not something to write ho.e about, but with God on our side we will survive. Coming to the area of Education, most of our students
What it so easily now in school, they don't pay attention inclass because during examination, they usually know how to manover everything. So with this teachers too don't use to understand what is going on. Or less those once that use to pay attention to their student. Am parents too don't direct their kids now academically again at home. There's a saying that goes this way, charity beingings at home. So parents should try every possible means to ensure his or her child is doing well, so that in school, everything will be moving smoothly even at home. And teachers should make sure they put their eyes on their students to see how good their have do