Harmanpreet Singh (not verified)

January 26, 2022

The education system is very old dated in India. All the methods are 50 to centuries years old. They still put huge amounts of stress on children putting them into pressure then depression, anxiety and other mental issues. I’ve also got anxiety just because of the the pressure. The way they teach is also very old. It should be about what the child can do and not what he can learn in 2 days then write on a piece of paper then get graded and judged. Everywhere else in the world they value a persons character but in India it’s a percentage out of 100 determining your future. India is very behind in stuff like this. As of right now we are in a COVID situation there are 200,000 cases everyday and the school still expects us to study as if nothing happened then go to school during this time then give a 3 hour exam and bring 99%. Please help.