Rohit Kumar Raut (not verified)

January 27, 2022

The work of Freedom to Learn in Nepal has revolutionized the way in which children from some of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities have access to improved access to quality and quality of life and improved their chances of survival thereafter. We achieve this by identifying barriers to education in state schools in Nepal and then developing and providing workable contextual responses to address these issues, from bicycles to schools, teacher training, school meals for less than 5,000 children in 6 schools. We work to challenge and change this prejudice. Considering the myriad difficulties in the Nepali education system, the need for creative and innovative solutions is even more pertinent. We work with teachers, parents and students to develop multidisciplinary and child-centered teaching approaches - including hiring teachers, training teachers, providing essential school materials, providing school bikes, improving drinking water and sanitation facilities.- Rohit