Sk. Naveed (not verified)

January 30, 2022

Today many students are struggling for their future to fulfill their dreams. Education is most important thing to change the fate of a person. Infact we can't change fate but Education and Hard working can challenge against ones own fate. So, to improve the quality of education, teachers should motivate children towards their future ambitions. Educators are most important, they play main role in the character building of the students. So, Teachers should try to understand the concepts of the subjects. They should explain them in different way. And Teachers should teach the concept in both theoritical and experimental ways. Experiments makes students to understand anything easily. Interest of the student towards their goal effects and improve their knowledge. If they are not interest in education and are interested in other activities. They should be trained and helped by their parents to keep them move on towards their Ambition.Character maintaining depends on every parents & educator.