Ayo ohiozokhai (not verified)

February 24, 2022

To bee in net zero.
1.there must be faithfulness and love.
2.there must be managerial swot analysis.
3.there must be stable prices meeting pricing policy from raw materials to consummers.
4.international business/contract laws must not be breached of its consideration rules.
5.there must be quality qualification of goverment leaders and workers.
6.there must be tag and fixing of prices on goods from producer to consummers.
7.taxs,rates,revenues,interests,profits,excess,duties must be on.
8.birth and marrage rate must be controlled.
9.the laws must be obeyed.
10.bank must control prices.
11.budgets must be planned and approved capital seen and it oppuntunity expected costs,and be actualized for suplus.