Dr. Ali Said MATANO (not verified)

March 22, 2022

It is indeed true that Lake Victoria has faced myriad of threats to its existence in the last five or so decades mainly due to unsustainable human activities. For instance pollution in the lake as well as invasion by aquatic weeds - the blame squarely lies on human driven activities. Destruction of wetlands on the littoral zone are again squarely attributed to construction and farming. Inappropriate land use coupled with unplanned primary and secondary urban certain pose great threats to the existence of rivers that contribute 20% of the water mass in Lake Victoria. With the rest 80% from precipitation. Lots of efforts have been put to reverse the increasing degradation thanks to efforts by the World Bank and other partners. However the threats are massive and with emerging threat from climate change, it can only be worse. Future programs should invest more on human (anthropogenic) behavioral change with more focused but multi-pronged programs for effectiveness and sustainability.