Rubina Hyder Ali (not verified)

July 01, 2022

PPPs are key to developing any country but the time delays and other local decisions are being obstacles to bringing comfort, joy, peace, and prosperity to many nations.
They believe that holding such a process due to corruption and not assuring transparency can stop the growth of the nations but in reality, it's just having a reverse impact on the global economy. During the crisis or natural disaster situation which once again many are expected in next six years, there will be a lot of challenging issues and we would wish we made PPPs easier to work upon and replica those SDG development projects as the global cost of not doing that will be difficult to deal with and not to forget the loss to humanity. I would say for the sake of our generations we must try and implement as many PPPs as possible around the globe not to wait for huge global projects to bring greater profits as saving the globe could end up bringing huge losses, pain, and suffering to humanity. May God Bless Us ALL Amen. - Amb. Rubina H Ali