Debasish Mohap… (not verified)

September 29, 2022

Just completed my PhD on climate change and it's impact on "small and marginal farmers of coastal Odisha and their coping mechanism". I fully agree social and financial inequality impacts severely to the marginalized communities, in spite of so many policies and programs vulnerability not reducing. Coastal Odisha is regularly facing disasters like flood and cyclone. Government system is generally geared up to rescue victims for advance weather forecast, so human death has been reduced significantly for flood and cyclone, while in other disasters like lightning, snake bite, drowning in water bodies in non flood situation human casualty is increasing for not having adequate early warning. More over livelihood loss is rampant in all forms of disasters. Local community have some copping mechanism, but they are inadequate. So community engagement in planning and implementation of project is badly required for project sustainability. This i am writing for my vast experience of working with community.