Doddy Bursman (not verified)

February 27, 2023

Indonesia has housing backlog more than 12 millions house hold. I had been working at BP Tapera until 2022 as Director position. I think it's very important to find technologies which can help to support affordable housing for low income groups. We needs AI for analysis demand and supply data in our 34 regions especially the demand of informal groups. Because the sector informal more than 61% of 12,1 million house hold needs a affordable housing right now. I believe that the AI technologies can help them to own the house and also access to finance. I hope the AI technologies can be solution for affordable housing for low income group including by name by address demand data in formal and informal sectors. My country needs the AI technologies for decrease the housing backlog problem. I want to more discuss about this. You can send the material discussion by email and I will attendance in your conference because it's very important to my country and my association Pengembang Indonesia or Indonesia Developers.