GR (not verified)

September 29, 2023

Hi David,

Thanks for this insightful post. Two questions:

1. I found the details on recruitment through social media particularly enlightening. Given your experience, could you share some best practices for recruiting participants over social media? For instance, choosing a platform: Facebook? Instagram, perhaps, or other? What kind of content or messaging tends to resonate most with potential participants in ads? Are there specific times or days that you've found optimal for running these ads? Could you delve a bit into the targeting strategy? Did certain demographics or interest groups yield better conversion rates?

2. I found it interesting that the increase in monthly sales is statistically significant in levels but not in logs. Could you provide some intuition on why this might be the case? Also, have you written more about the decision process behind choosing a specific functional form for the dependent variable? I'd be keen to understand more about this aspect.